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29 Oct - 'Miss' Shackleton Reveals All

RRS Ernest Shackleton Diary

Position @ 1200 UTC - 1 hour: 13°44' North. 25°04' West.
Next destination: Montevideo, South America.
ETA: 12th November 2000, 1600 UTC.
Distance to go: 4583.5 nautical miles.
Total Distance Sailed: 1738.2 nautical miles (Since departing Hull, England on 19 October 2000).
Current weather: Hot, sunny and bright. Overcast in parts. A beautiful day.
Wind: Northeasterly Force 5.
Sea state: Slight sea and swell.
Air temperature: 29.6°C.
Sea temperature: 26.9°C.

Continuing from last week here are more views of RRS Ernest Shackleton naked without her mantle of water around her nether-regions. These photographs need little explanation and can be seen in all their entirety simply by clicking on the image. Welcome to the 'dock-bottoms'.

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'Miss' Shackleton was originally from Leirvik, Norway, but has since taken up residence in the fair hamlet of Stanley in the Falkland Islands. Miss Shackleton's interests include travel, meeting new people, and cracking ice. Miss Shackleton has a curvaceous body with some pretty impressive statistics and wants to be a passenger ship when she grows up...

Map of track of the RRS Ernest ShackletonThis week RRS Ernest Shackleton has simply sailed south and south and south. Since last weekend, the ship has been seven days at sea, passed by three different sets of islands, gone from cool weather to tropical heat, and continued to give us a comfortable passage. Speaking to one of the FIDs on board this week, the expectation of bad seas and seasickness was high, and yet has failed to materialise, much to everyone's pleasure. Crew and FIDs alike are presently enjoying the cruise and a chance to catch up on some of those chores which have been waylaid due to dry docking and loading in Grimsby..

One of the advantages of sailing south and the improving weather is the advent of the traditional Bar-b-que on deck. Armed to the teeth with salads, dressings, beer, chicken, steaks, fish, bread, and all manner of 'scrummy' things to eat, the crew congregated upon the Helideck on the Saturday for a very pleasant evening of eating, drinking and telling stories under the stars. (The stars were not exactly in evidence this particular night because it was overcast, but nevertheless warm and balmy). The watch keepers on the bridge were primarily involved in the continued safe navigation of the ship, but before it began, or once the 4-hour watch was over, they could wander down to the aft-end to eat their fill and soak in a little of the ambience before going on duty or seeking their beds respectively, thereby giving everyone on board the chance to partake in this 'night out' with a difference. Of course we had the usual smattering of Sno-cat and tractors up there on the Helideck too, but these in no way detracted from the makings of a very pleasant party.

Our Doctor on board is Dr. Thomas Rieley who is travelling all the way to Halley station this year. Having quickly found his sea-legs, Tom has been busily helping out around the vessel along with his compatriots, and Saturday night was no exception. Here we see the very versatile M.D in his true vocation ... BUTCHER. Would you go to this man for an Appendectomy ??? You should see how he 'slaps' a steak around on the griddle !!!.

BBQ on the RRS Ernest Shackleton Dr Thomas Rieley - Doctor and Butcher More BBQ food

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...come to think of it, isn't that an Appendix on the grid right now ???

The next days will see RRS Ernest Shackleton continue on her way to Montevideo and anticipate crossing the Equator on November 1. The festivities are arranged to mark the entry into the Southern Hemisphere have still to be finalised, but not to be out-done by the our sistership RRS James Clark Ross, I think this vessel will mark the crossing in style.

Forthcoming events: Continuing our journey to Montevideo, Witch-hunting on the Aft Deck on Tuesday evening - being Halloween, and Crossing the line on Wednesday 1 November.

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Diary 3 will be written on 5 November 2000 and should be published on 6 November 2000

Steve B 29 October 2000