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29 Apr Next Stop - Grimsby

RRS Ernest Shackleton Diary

Position @ 1200 UTC - 1 hours: 24°26' North. 020°35' West.
Next destination: Grimsby, England.
ETA: 7 May 2001, 0635BST.
Distance to go: 2110.2 nautical miles.
Total Distance Sailed: 32,221.2 nautical miles (Since departing Hull, England on 19 October 2000).

Current weather:
Wind: N'ly Force 6.
Barometric pressure: 1018.4 mb
Sea state: Rough.
Air temperature: 21.2°C.
Sea temperature: 20.6°C.
Last weather observation sent from RRS Ernest Shackleton

This week has been a 'Deep Sea' week, with only one sighting of land on Friday when the ship passed Fogo, Cape Verde Islands.

Monday afternoon saw the ship 'Crossing the Line' and passing from the Southern to the Northern Hemisphere.

Once again this week has seen the Officers and Crew busy with safety drills. Tuesday afternoon saw us all outside with fire hoses and extinguishers, and then on Thursday there was a review of all the helicopter safety equipment in preparation of the forthcoming North Sea charter.

Craig Paice, Motorman, and Martin Brookes, Bosun, on a fire hose. Click to enlarge Craig Paice, Motorman, and Martin Brookes, Bosun, on a fire hose. Click on image to enlarge.

Exercises are one of the few times when all of the Officers and Crew are together, as often due to shift working there is normally always someone sleeping at any time of the day. This gave me the opportunity to get a group photograph on the helideck with nineteen of the twenty one onboard.

The Officers and Crew, photographed during a training exercise onboard the vessel on April 26. Click on image to enlarge. Note: Captain Marshall is not present as he was keeping the watch on the Bridge at the time.

Friday saw a change in our weather with the seas becoming rougher and the wind increasing. Saturday saw no sign of a let up and the vessel pitched its way north. This morning, Sunday, is much the same. The air temperature has been dropping steadily from about 30°C last Sunday to a cooler 21°C this morning.

With just over a week to go before docking at the Royal Docks, Grimsby, the ship is being prepared for all that lies ahead of us in the coming months when we will be back in the North Sea once again.

Forthcoming events: Arrival in Grimsby on 7th May.

The next page will be written on the 7th May 2001 and should be published on the 8th May 2001.


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