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13 Oct - Refit work continues

RRS Ernest Shackleton is in C Dock, Portsmouth Naval Base.

This weeks web page is going to be more of a pictorial than a written account of the weeks events. Whilst the ship is in the dry-dock there is a lot of work being carried out, but it does not necessarily make for interesting reading, whereas the photographs will convey much more of what is happening.

Work is being carried out both inside and outside, ranging from painting the ships hull, recovering the seating in one of the bar/lounges, to overhauling engines and cleaning tanks. This week has also seen a number of visitors to the ship, ranging from family and friends to past BAS personnel.

Bow Thruster 2 being removed for overhaul - Click to enlarge

Bow Thruster 2 being removed for overhaul.

New paint being applied to the hull - Click to enlarge

The new coat of paint being applied to the hull.

HiPAP transducer before cleaning - Click to enlarge

The HiPAP (High Precision Acoustic Positioning) transducer with a heavy growth covering it.

HiPAP transducer after cleaning - Click to enlarge

The same HiPAP transducer following a clean.

Joe and Emma Jackson enjoying the comforts of the bridge - Click to enlarge

Joe and Emma Jackson, from the Isle of Wight, enjoying the comfort of the Bridge.

The weather finally broke on Sunday when we had strong winds and torrential rain throughout the day. Also during the latter part of the week the first signs of autumn have been seen with the air temperature dropping noticeably.

Work will continue with the painting of the hull, replacing of the thrusters that have been serviced, closing up the various tanks that have been opened and then prepare for flooding the dock and floating the vessel once again.

The refit is slowly coming to an end and preparations are already being made to prepare for the loading of cargo for our Antarctic season!