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26 Oct - Arrival in Immingham

Date:  Sunday 26 October 2002
Position @ 1200 (UTC): Vessel starboard side alongside Hendersons Quay, Immingham
Next destination: Montevideo, Uruguay, South America
ETA: Saturday 22 November
Distance to go: 6350.0 km
Total Distance Sailed: 305 nmiles since Portsmouth

Current Weather: Overcast with occasional light rain
Wind:  N 9 knots
Barometric pressure:  1017.9 mb
Sea state: Calm in the dock
Air temperature:  9.2°C.
Sea temperature: 9.9°C


RRS Ernest Shackleton, continued loading with gas and vehicles to heli-deck then drummed avtur and breakbulk cargo to holds.  The Cargo tender lifted on board and kitted out for survey tomorrow.

Cargo Tender on deck Cargo
The Shackleton car park! The hold

Above: Top: the Cargo Tender on deck and every space populated with cargo. Bottom: Views of the 'Shackleton Car Park' and drums in the hold climb ever skywards. Click the images to enlarge them.

Dr.Frank Swinton, who is sailing south with us before going in to do a winter in Halley, joined vessel and commenced taking bloods.

Dr Frank?

Wavey-Davey's Weekly Whit-spot.

Davey says - He visited the Doctor recently.  The Doctor said,
'Hello Mr.Wavey Davey, I've not seen you for a while'.
'I know', said Davey,... ' I've been ill '


Dear Mum,...

Yes, we finally flew the coop and are now in Immingham. On Wednesday (22nd Oct) we finally pulled away from the dock and headed out for
compass swings and tests of the new engine-bits. Suffice it to say the new fix was successful and away we went from Pompey and straight into
a gale force 8 - head on !! Cue one very seasick radio officer, and ch.officer too.
We had all lost our sealegs and had well-and truly become 'landlubbers'.
1 month on terra firma and we were scuppered !

The weather blew all Wednesday and into Thursday.  Urghhh.
It was nearly midnight before we arrived in the lee of the Humber and so most of Thursday was non-productive apart from running
around to find what I'd forgotten to 'batten down'.  ( To 'batten down' = 'To securely cover a hatch  with one or more
tarpaulins that are secured by hatch battens and wedges). *  Although not needing to use 'tarps' and 'battens', all the
racks, computers, screens, you name it, has to be securely fastened to the desk, the deck, the whatever, before we can
set sail !  It was a real chore to finish all these items before leaving Portsmouth - even with the
additional days alongside awaiting engine spares !

And then we found the safe haven of 'Ming-ming' as it is affectionately called.  The loading of Antarctic stuff is going
ahead here and we should hopefully be ready for sea on Monday (27th) again - although realistically it will more likely
be the Tuesday.  We get the hoards (Fids/Passengers) joining us on Monday, so keep your fingers crossed for calmer seas next week
on the way South to the Biscay and onwards to BBQ-latitudes !!

Oh-oh, time I was about things.
I am pulling cables (again) and trying to get the decks screwed down and 'boxed up' before we head to sea once again.
Sunday evening will hopefully be a quiet time on board for reflection and maybe concocting a quickie webpage
before we get to Monday, more securing, and making ready for the passage South.  It's been a time in coming
but I suspect everyone will be happy to get back to sea (wx permitting) and get settled back into a routine.
I'm well out of practice with the gym-thing and am piling on the poundage !!!

Your Son.
* Definition courtesy of Layton's Dictionary of Nautical Words and Terms.

Forthcoming events: Complete loading and set forth for Montevideo, South America.

Diary 5 of the forthcoming Antarctic Season  will be written on 02nd November for publication on 03rd November 2003

Stevie B