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23 Nov - Montevideo

Date: Sunday 23rd November 2003.
Position @ 1200 (UTC): 42°25 S 56°24 W.
Next destination: Stanley, Falkland Islands.
ETA: AM Tuesday 25th November 2003
Distance to go: 563.0 Nautical Miles
Total Distance Sailed since Montevideo: 478.0 Nautical Miles

Current weather: Fine and Clear.
Wind: Westerly, 23 Knots.
Barometric pressure: 999.4 mb.
Sea state: Slight sea and low swell.
Air temperature: 11.1°C.
Sea temperature: 9.1°C.
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Position Map Click on image to enlarge.


This Week on ES

Well, it's been a pretty busy week for us down here. There have been a lot of changes and I'm the first. I'm Frank Swinton the resident doctor and the new web page editor. I've travelled with the ES from Immingham and I'm headed for Halley where I'll spend the next year.

Having eventually cleared up after our line crossing antics we made it into Montevideo on the 20th November but not before the ocean had reminded us who's the boss. The night before we docked there was a storm which meant things were more lumpy around here than they have been previously. Several of the crew awoke in the night to find themselves and all of their possessions flying!

Monte was very significant for everybody. It was our first port of call for almost three weeks, there was a crew change and there were 22 new base members to pick up. We had a very hectic 24 hours of trying to meet new people, get all the work done, top up with fresh food and get in the all important phone calls home. It hardly left any time at all for enjoying ourselves. We did manage to squeeze a bit of fun in and we set sail again on the 21st refreshed and ready for the next chapter of our adventure.

Once all the dust had settled and we'd got into the swing of things again, there was a safety brief at which the safety equipment was modelled by Nathan.

 Safety equipment modeled by Nathan.

Click image to enlarge.


Since then the weather has been very good to us all and I think the new guys are especially thankful. Some of us managed to appreciate the sunset from the foc'sle.

 Sunset from the foc'sle.

Click image to enlarge.


Now we're all headed for the Falklands and maybe a bit of, "Shore leave!!" Shore Leave. Click image to enlarge.

We've started to see some Antarctic wildlife. There are some Black Browed Albatrosses and some Cape Petrel's around. We look forward to seeing moreas we get further south.

Dreadlock Holiday Update

The total raised by Rhian's hair cutting extravaganza now stands at a mighty £8,300 and the total raised by the outgoing Shackleton crew and Fids alone was in excess of £2,500. Thank you very much to all who have pledged and the fund is still open if there's anyone out there who wishes to contribute. More Information is available at the diary page of ES for Sunday 9 November 2003.

Wavey Davey's Weekly Wit Spot.

Unfortunately Wavey Davey has been abducted by aliens but is likely to be returned soon because we don't think they'll want to hold onto him once he starts telling them jokes!!!

First Impressions by Sue Patterson

When I joined BAS three and a half years ago, I little dreamt I would one day be sitting on a ship heading for the Southern Ocean writing a piece for the web page. However...

We set off for Heathrow on Wednesday morning to enjoy 26 hours of fairly torturous flights to Montevideo, via Washington DC and Buenos Aires. It felt slightly unreal at 2 a.m. (GMT) queuing for 1¼ hours at the immigration desk at Washington Dulles airport. When my turn finally came, the man on the desk eyed me and asked dryly "Are you going to the South Pole with these others, Ma�am?" I responded in the affirmative, to which he replied "They look a motley crew to me; if I was going I think I would sleep out on the ice". We were then told to run through to catch our onward flight but not before our shoes were confiscated at Customs!

The views over South America, for those who were sleeping fitfully enough to enjoy them, were rewarding. The backaches and cramped seats were not! I�m sure air hostesses spend years perfecting the gleam in their eyes as economy-class passengers pass through business class with an expression of longing.

We arrived in Montevideo just after lunch on Thursday and joined the RRS Ernest Shackleton. I headed out to explore the city with the gang who, despite the fears of the Washington immigration guy, seem a good bunch. We enjoyed a few milkshakes and an early night (!) then sampled a huge meal in the infamous meat market the next day before setting sail on Thursday afternoon, sporting various degrees of sunburn.

Following lift-off (I�m still struggling with the technical terms), we had a safety briefing. Nathan, who was looking slightly the worse for wear after mixing his milkshakes, "volunteered" to demonstrate the safety clothing. A tour of the ship followed and I had one of many "wow" moments when I discovered the Poop Deck. I saw my first black-browed albatross from the Poop Deck (another "wow" moment, as I�m sure the BAS birders will appreciate), and a beautiful sunset. The Monkey Deck is another magical place, at least while we�re enjoying calm seas. Have also been on the Bridge (where I could imagine James T Kirk handing out orders).

Mark, our budding Joe Walsh, has been entertaining us with his guitar in the evenings and has promised to learn all our fav tunes.

It�s now Sunday (I think - I�m losing all track of time) and I�ve experienced my first communal gash, the merry sound of the hoover, dusters waving, mops mopping, accompanied by laughter ringing - just like a scene from a Doris Day movie. I get to experience my first group-of-4 gash tomorrow, before arriving in the Falklands on Tuesday, then it�s definitely no turning back...

There�s a queue for email now so I�ll close with a "Hi" to everyone back home - I�m thinking of you despite all these amazing new experiences. Please have the doors widened (again) while I�m away; I�m definitely not going hungry out here.

Sue P

Forthcoming Events: Arrival in Stanley and a chance to see our sister ship the James Clark Ross.

Contributors this week: Sue Patterson...Thank you.

Thanks to: The out-going crew for getting us all the way to Monte in one piece and making the voyage so enjoyable. The in-coming crew for getting us out of Monte before we all decided to emigrate to South America!

Diary 9 should be available around the 1st December but there might be a delay of a day or two if we're still trans-shipping in the Falklands.

That's all for now. Hello to everyone who knows me. If you want to know what I look like, click here.