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02 May - Sunny skies

Date: Sunday 02 May 2004
Position @ 1200 Local (GMT -3): 24°36' South 041°59' West.
Next destination: The Humber Ports, England UK.
ETA: Sunday 23 May 2004
Distance to go: 5096.0 nmiles
Distance sailed from the Falkland Islands : 1740.0 nmiles
Total distance sailed: 25689.0 nmiles

Current weather: Hot and Sunny.
Sea State: Moderate swell, but calm passage
Wind: 020 Degs at 20 Knots.
Barometric pressure:1014.5 mmHg and steady.
Air temperature: 25.8°C
Sea temperature: 25.7°C

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This Week on ES

Fashion has been foremost on the minds of the Ernest Shackleton complement this week. Some said ‘Red is the ‘in’ colour’ and as a result there has been a ‘rush’ on the fashionable garments this week. Nevermoreso than on the Monday 26th when a plethora of red-suited fashion-victims appeared at the Emergency Lifeboat Drill. Click on Images to Enlarge.

Raft drill

Above: Even Captain Graham on the Bridge, got in on the act. Here we see him sporting the very latest from the catwalks of Paris complete with matching ‘lifevest’ and sheik black glove accessories.

Raft drill

Above: The new garments are very slimming. No need for under-support vestments, as these thigh-hugging and very shapely creations will give every crewmember that ‘Adonis-like’ stature – Guaranteed or your money back. A rare shot of the Chief Engineer, Derek with your very own Wavey-Davey behind attempt to ‘out-do’ each other in that ‘try not to clash’ look in the ‘RED ROOM’.

Raft drill

Above: A few simple rules must be followed when adoring such garb.It is recommended that you do not wear these fashions for prolonged periods whilst out in public or at the very least you should sit down and take deep breaths after every outing. Andy Barker – ex-Rothera demonstrates. Whilst being the height of fashion, these garments have been known to limit the circulation and can make finding your wallet extremely difficult when it comes to paying the bill at the end of the evening.

Next week RRS Ernest Shackleton Docter-ettes will demonstrate the lastest fad in ‘Topless Beach Wear’… and speaking of which …


Following the ever-popular ‘crew men ‘ of the week spot, we are this week featuring the ‘ crew women ‘ of the week – better known as the ‘Doctor Sisters’.

Dr Sue Dr Teeth Dr Jane

This merry band are responsible for proffering pills and potions to the needy and wanting as well as bringing you the webpages of the season so far. There have been many comments on how ‘similar’ the Dr’s look hence they are taken as ‘sisters’ !! I don’t know ? Just look at the trio, their hair-styles, their captivating smiles, and their bearing and personae and YOU decide.

We have Dr Sue originally from Berkeley who has over-wintered at King Edward Point, Sth Georgia.

We have Dr Teeth who.. oh no, sorry, that’s actually ‘Animal’, from the Muppets who hasn’t over-wintered anywhere as far as we know ?

Then the last of the trio is Dr Jane who is originally from Southampton and over-wintered in Rothera.

With the addition of the ‘glasses ‘ for Jane, all three of them look very alike !


Wavey Davey says :-  ‘It’s no laughing matter having to come up with a new joke for the Whit Spot every week !’.

(how true, Davey) ! Nevertheless, he adds ‘ What is wrapped in tin-foil and swings from Bell Ropes ?’ 

‘The Lunchpack of Notre Dam’ !!

Ahhh, the timeless classics, Wavey. Never moreso than when he told us he had gone to sleep with his head under the pillow in his younger days.

He awoke without any teeth !! (think about it !?).

(I wish the tooth fairy had whisked the rest of him away at the same time ! ).


Chilled Hey Mon… I kno’ dis webpage is a littl’ late in a-comin’ this week, but we all is chillin’ out here onboard our cruz through de tropics, man, and der is absolutely NO HURRY. We ain’t goin’ nowhere quickly. We started de week at sea and we is ending de week at sea too, so all is kool. Well, actually Man, all is not so kool, as the temperatures are a-rising and getting’ mighty steamy. We’ze are sunnin’ ourselves on the Monkey Deck in de 30 degrees of heat an’ that is mighty fine for the suntannin’ and kickin’ off de shoes an’ takin’ it nice an’ slow.

But t’aint all lazin’ around. De crew here are still makin’ de preparations for the return to de United Kingdom, an’ the facelift for de ship is a-happenin’ already. The first of de paint has been a-seen around de decks an’ we FIDS are all a-helpin’ out around as we are required. But der is plenty of time fer watchin’ an occasional video or DVD and we even have a wicked BBQ on the aft’ deck on de weekend. It gives us time to spin a few tunes on the boombox, lay a few slabs on de grill an’ unwind after a hard day o’ chillin’ … Man, der aint nothing like dis cruz North across the totally tropical equator.

For those, y’kno, enthusiastic types, der is always Chief Cookie’s fitness workouts to go an’, like, ‘do’ on de back decks most nights. I mean, dats just too much like hard work, Richard, Man. Why anyone in der right mind would want to get all sweaty an’ excited on de back deck in dis heat is beyond me, Man. These dudes have got some serious issues and need to take a leaf outta my book – the book of ‘take it easy’ Man. I mean, like, Life’s Too Short Fella !

So like, I kno’ this is only a small effort, but it took a lot of effort to get to de computer, Dude. So maybe I can write you a littl’ more next week, like, if I can be bothered. No offence Dude…

Till next time.

Your Main Man.

Birthdays this week: James ‘Jimbo’ Baker turned 21 again as commemorated by the Saturday evening BBQ on the aft deck.

Forthcoming Events: Procure that ‘all-over’ equatorial sun tan.

Contributors this week: A Chilled Dude for trying to write something this week, ,… and my own father for obtaining and sending me photos for the crewmember of the week spot.

Diary 32 should be written on Sunday 09 May for publication on Monday 10.

Stevie B
ETO Comms