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Entry 2

Entry 2

Danco - Wed April 7th

We set foot on dry land at DANCO at about 0830 Wednesday morning, and very welcome it was too. We are travelling with 4 cameras and today the three we carried in with us were reunited with the one that has spent the past three weeks camping at Danco with Rebecca Roper-Gee, the Antarctica New Zealand observer on this trip.

Rebecca has been recording a video diary of her time at the disappearing base and I imagine she thought that she could now have an overdue break from the intrusion of a camera. So, we made her get in and out of her tent a dozen or so times, all for the camera and all so that we can edit her diary. We're all back on the boat now, but we haven't finished with her yet!

 Sorry, we're not rolling this time.
Sorry, we're not rolling this time

Dave Burkitt has been busily assembling and packing the prize artefacts from the old base. Some will go to Port Lockroy, others to the museum at Stanley in the Falklands and the rest are destined for Cambridge. We filmed Dave and John Shears looking through cases and selecting the items for Port Lockroy - with a fair wind and a bit of luck we should be able to film them putting them in their new home sometime next week. Fingers crossed.

I'm continually surprised at how good-natured people are about our repetitive demands (sorry - can you do that again; oh, and again. Um, I think we need a new camera battery, can you do that again ...). It's also great for me to at last start work after so much 'hurry up and wait'.
Richard Wilson

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