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Entry 3

Entry 3

Danco Day 2 - 02/04/04

There are some curious links between our world of Film and BAS. 'Gash', for example. With BAS this means all the small jobs like emptying bins and doing the washing up that keep a base or ship ticking over. For us it means an old or waste videotape. For us, rufty-tufty means a cameraman or film-maker who's always out there, chin first - first into the elements, striding across the landscape no matter how hostile. BAS GAs (General Assistants) are very rufty-tufty.

At Rockhopper, cameraman Luke and senior producer Saritha are also very 'rufty-tufty', while I'm more like the sort of armchair you decide not move in case it falls apart. So today, when Luke checked-out ill, I had to step into his shoes. Saritha's first call was that we should climb Danco Mountain (hill, she said) and get some top-shots. We got there eventually, and thanks to patience of GA Rich nobody had to put me down to ensure the survival of the rest of the party.

Once on top, we found out what the FIDS and AWG had really been doing for the previous three weeks at Danco. Two anatomically interesting 'Snowfolk' have been built at the summit.

The Snowfolk: Who'll still be there next year?

From there it was back down to the site of the old hut where I successfully did something no producer or cameraman has ever done to Saritha before. We stopped for lunch. True, she paced up and down and didn't sit down even while eating the excellent three-course meal prepared by Chef Shaggy (to whom my compliments), but she stopped.

In the afternoon we took to a boat for some very vigorous whale filming, which was truly wonderful experience. From there it was back to the Shackleton for a speedy departure northwards. Luke appeared, looking a lot better, so tomorrow I shall be back on Rockhopper gash duty. Phew.
Richard Wilson

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