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Rockhopper Diaries 2004

TV Film crew visit Port Lockroy, abandoned bases and Rothera Research Station onboard RRS Ernest Shackleton

Rockhopper TV are making three half-hour documentaries for BBC World TV. The first is about Operation Tabarin, the secret 1944 wartime operation to build British bases on the Peninsula. The second is about the big clean-up operation of the abandoned bases that followed Tabarin in the 1950s. Lastly, they are making a film that brings the story up to date with a look an the cutting edge science that is now BAS's lead priority.

The crew are: Richard Wilson, Director; Saritha Wilkinson, Senior Producer, and Cameraman Luke Winsbury. This is Richard�s 3rd trip South with BAS and he�s also been with the NSF and ANZ. Saritha is on her first visit to Antarctica, but has filmed on the Greenland Ice Sheet with BAS. Luke is a BBC cameraman who leads expeditions to mountains, deserts and beyond in his spare time.

Real Rockhopper Penguins live in the Falklands and right now they need all the help they can get. Check it out!

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