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11 Apr - Northbound

Date: Monday 11 April 2005
Position @ 1200 Local (GMT): 43°07' South, 52°00.0' West
Next destination: Humberside, UK
ETA: Sunday 08 May 2005
Distance to go: 6587.0 nmiles
Total Distance sailed from UK: 20753.0 nmiles

Current weather: Cloudy, fine and clear
Wind: W, Force 4
Sea state: Moderate swell Barometric pressure:1002.7 mmHg
Air temperature: 15.7°C
Sea temperature: 16.5°C

For the most up-to-date chart of the ships position, visit sailwx.info

This week on the 'Shack.... We finally set sail from Stanley on our way back Northbound to the UK. I am Adam, a Meteorologist that has just done 2 winter's at Rothera, and am finally on my way back home with my friends that I have spent both 2 years with and a year with at Rothera. Frank and Ben have now both flown back to the UK, and have left 14 of us FIDs along with the crew on board for the sail back through the tropics to Humberside. We arrived in Stanley early last Monday, and have had a little under a week roaming the Falklands. People slowly departed, and we set sail from Stanley Saturday afternoon at 16:00 Falklands time. But before we talk about leaving the Falklands, lets see what people got up to during the week, Well, after 2 years in then Antarctic, it was time for a Coffee at the Local Greasy Spoon.

Greasy Spoon  Fin O'Sullivan

The first night in Stanley, one of the BAS Pilots Geoff Porter, had arranged for the Rothera Winter band to play at a Venue in Stanley, where the Falklands Band: The Fighting Pigs normally play. Lots of people got up on stage, both from the Shack and from town, and the night went along very well, with everyone very much enjoying themselves. A good night was had by all that attended.

Easy Riders on Stage. Fin O'Sullivan Musicians at the Trough.  Fin O'Sullivan

During the rest of the week, several people took trips away from Stanley to see the wildlife, such as the King Penguins at Volunteer point. Graeme took a trip out to Volunteer point to see thse beautiful birds. If you would like to read about Graemes day out, please click here

Saturday soon came around and it was time to depart Stanley, for the 4 week voyage back to the UK. It has been a nice week in the Falklands, but we were all glad to be underway, heading for the heat of the tropics, the crossing of the equator and Neptunes ceremony. Then on, further North, back to our friends and family in the UK, of which some of us onboard have not seen since November 2002.

View of Stanley from the Shack as we leave.  Adam Thornhill

During our time on board we will be helping out with a few odd jobs on board, such as painting. As well as that, Andy Miller, the Rothera Marine Biologist will be looking after the Aquarium. To read about what Andy will be doing, click here.

Our best wishes to everyone that left us in the Falklands and who are now either in South America or back in the UK. Also to everyone back in ther UK who we will see again very soon.