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12 Aug - Lottery Fever!

RRS Ernest Shackleton Diary

Position at 1200: Alongside the Regent Quay, Aberdeen Harbour, ABERDEEN.
Conditions: Wind S'ly x 08 kts; Barometer 1007.0 mb Steady; Air Temperature 21.2°C; Sea Temperature 13.0°C. Overcast but fine and clear.

Asset Map

RRS Ernest Shackleton at rest.

RRS Ernest Shackleton 'Parked up'. Click to enlarge.

This week RRS Ernest Shackleton is still alongside the Regent Quay in Aberdeen. We have been moored up here for over a week, and I believe we have paid the 'parking fee' for the next 7 days, so we may still be here by the appearance of the webpage next week!!

We still await the pleasure of our Charter company, Polar Ship Management and anxiously await any developments with future charters.


Following on from a previous article on Capt John Harper's promotion (see Update 9 ) we have had two more promotions onboard during the week. With the departure of Captain John Marshall, who goes off for some well-earned leave at home, the position of Captain of the vessel is ably filled by Captain Antonio Gatti, who is yet to be seen 'sporting' his new 4 stripes ! Likewise, the position of Chief Officer is now filled by Robin Kilroy who must be getting out the gold braid and needle and thread as we speak ! But who takes Mr.Kilroy's place as navigator ? The Radio Officer ? God forbid !


Saturday evening brought a flurry of excitement on the ship as Charlie, the Bosun, arranged a lottery syndicate onboard. For a mere 1.00 coin of the realm, you could be a member of Charlie's elite group of hopefuls, dedicated to getting-rich-quick and retiring for evermore on the proceeds. With every one of the 22 members of the crew partaking, Charlie toddled off to the shop on Saturday and procured 22 'Lucky Dip' lottery tickets with a view to splitting the 'booty' 22 ways upon winning the big one. What would happen to the ship, to BAS and to the North Sea Charter if we were lucky enough to secure a sizeable win ? Oh well, that could be argued later along with how to travel home,.. First Class or private jet ?

For some of us it was a first time go on the Lottery despite it being in operation for years.

Well, we are still here. So either we couldn't decide how to spend our millions, ie.First Class or private jet, OR we didn't win. In truth, we DID win with 4 numbers on the one row which has secured the hansdome sum of about 88.00. So rest assured, BAS, your crew has not deserted the ship in favour of that villa in Spain. However, it has been rumoured that our ill-gotten gains will now be dedicated to further attempts at the Lottery on Wednesday and Saturday next. I fear the 'Beginners Luck' element has now departed but the 22 of us are quietly confident that we can expand upon our rewards and still look forward to our complimentary champagne and video selection on the First Class flight home,... or was it the private jet after all ???

Forthcoming events :Awaiting word from Polar Ship Management about any forthcoming contracts out in the North Sea. Standing by with engines at 1 hour notice.

North Sea Diary 14 will be written on 19th August 2001 and should be published on Monday 20th August 2001.