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15 Sep - Demobilisation in Aberdeen

Date:  Sunday 15 September  2002.
Position @ 1200 (UTC): 57° 08'N 002° 04'W

Wind:  Light airs
Barometric pressure:  1029.1 mb
Sea state: N/A
Air temperature:  12.6°C.
Sea temperature: 13.6°C.
Weather: Overcast, fine and clear.

The Ernest Shackleton is alongside Russells Quay, Aberdeen.

Map of North Sea - Click to enlargeClick on map to magnify detail.

The Ernest Shackleton arrived back in Aberdeen, following the completion of the Stolt/BP General Visual Inspection, on Monday afternoon. Immediately demobilisation of all charterers equipment took place, and this was to continue for the next 48 hours. The work involved the removal of all items that had been installed at the beginning of the charter period, and involved grinding and burning off of all sea fastenings, and then restoring the vessel back to the condition in which she was supplied to the charterers.

With the work completed by Wednesday afternoon, the ships crew could now make a start on tidying up and cleaning the decks etc.

With twelve days left for the vessel to be put to work as part of the agreed charter period with the owners, there was still the chance for further work to be found, and so the vessel remained on two hours notice for mobilisation.

On Friday there was the prospect of a charter and the vessel went on-hire on Sunday morning. As yet a mobilisation has not taken place and it is expected to happen in the next day or so.

Forthcoming events: Complete the 2002 Supply Time Charter and then steam to Portsmouth for the refit period.

15 September 2002