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20 Jul - The Shack is back!!

Date:  Sunday 20 July 2002
Position @ 1200 (UTC): Alongside in Bergen, Norway
Next destination: Offshore Norwegian sector, North Sea. Gullfaks Field
ETD: Monday 21 July 2003
Distance to go: 75.0 km
Total Distance Sailed this Season: 0.0 (distance counter started from today)

Current Weather: Overcast, but bright. Occasional showers
Wind:  SSE Force 3
Barometric pressure:  1016.0 mb
Sea state: Calm in port
Air temperature:  24.7°C.
Sea temperature: 11.7°C.

No ship's position reports are available during our stay in the North Sea since we cease doing met. observations. Map to be sourced as soon as possible.

Do not adjust your set!

We apologise for the lack of picture to your screen, but this was due to technical problems beyond our control. We are happy to announce that normal service has now been resumed and we wish you many hours of uninterrupted viewing from now on. So, don't touch that dial. Please keep it tuned right here for the continuing adventures of your favourite characters in all your favourite situations.

Happy Viewing!

The Management

Wavey-Davey's Weekly Wit Spot

Davey says - 'I'm In Bed'
Wavey Davey has elected to do the 'night shift' on his first week - this has allowed him to go for his beloved walk around the World War II fortifications of Bergen on this first day in Norway. There is a rather impressive U-boat pen in the fjord nearby, so this was an obvious target for Davey - a collector of wartime stories, memorabilia and facts - as well as our resident 'orrible jokes provider.

However, there is a reprieve for the crew on this first week whilst Davey is a-bed, and we are spared from the onslaught of 4 months of assembling more Weekly Wit Spot Material ! Hopefully Wavey-Davey will be back with us in true form, next week.


Bergen, Norway - Click to enlarge
Bergen, Norway
Click to enlarge

We were åll håving the fin fint time åt høme ør øn våcåtiøn årøund the føur cørners øf Eurøpe when the 'Cåptåin Gråhåm Chåpmån Teåm' gøt the wørd.  The RRS Ernest Shåckletøn håd secured å shørt-term cøntråct før Ståtøil in the Nørwegiån Sectør øf the Nørth Seå, ånd we were åll required båck ønbøård ås fåst ås cøuld be årrånged åt shørt nøtice.

The BAS Øffice  were høt øn the phøne tø måke årrångements ånd re-årrånge existing flights før the førthcøming crew-chånge ånd tø get the 'Cåptåin Jøhn Mårshåll Teåm' høme tø the UK åccørdingly.  Håving heård øf the cøntråct øn the Thursdåy, the crew jøined ship åløngside the TTL quåy in Bergen, Nørwåy øn the Sundåy - søme årriving ås låte ås 10pm tønight - ånd the øff-gøing crew being free tø tåke ån eårly flight frøm Bergen Airpørt the følløwing mørning åt 0600åm, prømpting ån eårly mørning cåll.

Shørt håndøvers were the ørder øf the dåy ås the vessel  is måde reådy før seå by lunch time øn Møndåy 21st.

* håndøvers - written ånd ørål nøtes øn the ståte øf the vessel ånd påssing øn øf øperåtiønål inførmåtiøn tø the øn-cøming crew.


RRS Ernest Shackleton, departed the Southern Oceans in April of this year and made the usual 4 week journey with a handful of FID's onboard and returned to the UK to discharge by mid-May. This was done in Grimsby on the Humber Estuary, before the vessel was removed to Immingham further up the river in order to make preparations for the North Sea Season. By the end of May, the vessel's transition from an Antarctic Logistical Supply Vessel to a Dynamic Positioning Oil Field Support Vessel was complete ! It then only remained to sit alongside the quayside and await the summer operators, - Reibers Shipping, of Norway - to find a contract and put the vessel to work. By early June, RRS Ernest Shackleton had been removed from Immingham across the water to Hull to 'sit it out' whilst no definite signs of work materialized on the horizon.

Then in the 2nd week of June, Riebers obtained a short-term charter for the vessel and it was over to Tananger, Norway to mobilize the ROV* spreads and take on the extra, specialized North Sea Personnel for the 4 weeks to be spent on the Draugen Field 60° North 00° East. From June 15th to 23rd and June 27th to July 11th, the Vessel continued with the ROV support work inspecting repairs to a broken pipeline. Upon successful completion of the program, it was back to Tananger to de-mobilize 1 of the 2 RoV's and remove to Bergen to await further work.

That work came in the form of a 14 day charter to inspect some sub-sea connections for Statoil.

* ROV - Remote Operated Vehicle, or 'sub'.


The Summer so far has been very leisurely in comparison to previous North Sea Seasons. Here is a picture book diary of what we missed hearing about whilst the JBM Crew were baby-sitting the ship during the first half of the Northern Hemisphere operations. Subsequently, the ship is looking very well indeed for having had plenty of time and attention during standby times alongside, and only the larger jobs remain to be done later this summer when the ship goes into dry dock. Click on all images to enlarge them.

King Neptune's Court - Click to enlarge The Court assembles - Click to enlarge

Above: Left - FID (supernumerary Paul Sharp falls victim to the Court of King Neptune on the Northern-bound journey) and the Court assembles on the back deck of the vessel to submit a few 'victims' to justice!

Preparing the main crane - Click to enlarge The North Sea frame - Click to enlarge

Above: Left - Preparing the main crane for the summer season. Preparatory work in the sun and the North Sea frame used to cover the main hold in the summer.

The frame in situ - Click to enlarge Work in the North Sea - Click to enlarge

Above: Left, the frame in situ and fitted out with the ROV control shacks on the Shackleton and finally to work in the North Sea. The ROV is launched over the side on a balmy day.

Back to Bergen - Click to enlarge The crew explore the town - Click to enlarge

Above: Left - finally to Bergen to await the next job and time off for the crew to go sight-seeing in this fascinating Norwegian town.

Forthcoming events: Depart Bergen and position for 14 days work off the Gullfaks Platform.

Contributors this week: Welcome back to Wavey Davey, and the unknown photographer(s) on the opposite crew who left behind a legacy of pretty pictures, handover notes, and their best wishes for a continued successful season prior to going South in October.

Diary 2 will be written on 27th July and for publication on 28th July 2003

Stevie B