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29 Aug - Update

image here Date:  Sunday 21st September 2003.
Position @ 1200 (UTC): North Sea, Off Anglia, bound for the Channel
Next destination:  FSL, Naval Dockyard, Portsmouth, England UK.
ETA:   PM. Monday 22nd September 2003
Distance to go:   305.0 km
Total Distance Sailed:  Unaccounted for in the North Sea

Current weather:  Blue Skies, Fine and Clear
Wind:  Southerly,  18 Knots.
Barometric pressure:  1017.3 mb.
Sea state:.   Slight Sea, comfortable passage.
Air temperature:  17.3°C.
Sea temperature: 14.5°C.

People await anxiously for the next installment.

Firstly, there is the third in the saga of 'The Lord of the Rings.  'The Return of the King'.  Then, there is the third in the series of prequels to the Star Wars Trilogy. We don't know what the title of this one is yet.  And then there is the long awaited return of the Diary Pages of the  RRS Ernest Shackleton.  Where have we been, what have we been doing ?  we hear you ask.  Due to operational conditions it has been impossible to report the weekly 'comings' and 'goings' and 'staying-in-one-place's in the North Sea this season.  Like my predecessor Mike Gloistein before me, I should have taken the opportunity to fill the page with a potted history totally unrelated to our North Sea workscope, but I'm not as industrious as he, and have appreciated a respite from the weekly production of webpage and the inane ramblings of our resident whit, Wavey Davey !

Wavey-Davey's Weekly Whit-spot.

Davey says - he met a man this season with a Latex Trombone.
He was looking for a position in a rubber band ?

Wavey-Davey bought himself a special video recorder too.
It records the programmes you don't like, and then plays them back when your OUT !!!

He asked me recently 'which of the months have 28 days in them ?'.
'That's easy', I said. 'February' !
'No' said Professor Davey...  'All of them' !!!


Since we have been unable to tell you what we have been doing in the last month, I will simply leave you with a selection of pictures taken with the Webcamera in our absence.  Without divulging any secret information, you can see how we have had a very full and busy program of work offshore with only the briefest of visit to port in order to mobilize additional equipment.  Otherwise we can claim to have seen a whole lot of sea, sea, and more sea.
The pictures speak for themselves.
Click on the images to enlarge any of them.

The Busy CrewScreens from the Navigation Display
image here image here
Moonlit NightRainbow Warriors
image here image here
The Heimdal and the PegasusA moment ashore in TANANGER.
image here image here
Headset Repairs.
image here image here
Workingand Demobilization
image here image here

Forthcoming events: Complete transit to Fleet Services in Portsmouth where we anticipate being 'on the blocks' in Drydock by the 23rd, to commence with the fourth annual refit of the RRS Ernest Shackleton since she came into the service of the British Antarctic Survey.

Contributors this week : Thanks to Wavey Davey for the jokes and all the 'freelance' photographers who contributed by 'blatting off' with the digi-camera.

Diary 1 of the forthcoming Antarctic Season  will hopefully be written on 28th September for publication on 29th September 2003
Drydock permitting.

Stevie B