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04 July - Still waiting

Date: Sunday 04 July 2004 (including week-ending 27 June 2004)
Position @ 1200 Local: North Quay, King George Docks, Port Of Hull, England
Next destination: TBA
Distance to go: N/A
Distance sailed this week: 80 metres!!
Total distance sailed: 240 metres

Current weather: Cloudy with rain showers
Sea State: Calm alongside in dock
Wind: SW Force 3
Barometric pressure:1010.7 mmHg
Air temperature: 16.3°C
Sea temperature: 16.8°C

These Last Weeks on the RRS Ernest Shackleton.

Firstly, belated apologies for the lack of web Diary last week, but with little enough to report whilst alongside here in Hull, and with a constant and ongoing program of maintenance, they somehow managed to get waylaid.   Suffice it to say, I saw the date this morning, and wondered where on earth the last 2 weeks had disappeared to ?   It seems only a short time since I was writing the LAST diary page !

I’m afraid you haven’t missed much.   Whilst we’ve been ‘off the air’ we have moved from one side of   the King George Dock to the other where we were able to take more Fresh Water – I assume we used the last lot taken last Wednesday 09th !!   It’s ‘thirsty work’ sitting alongside in Port – obviously.

Along with the rest of the country, the crew of the Ernest Shackleton have been utilizing this time alongside to visit the Cinema and catch up with the latest releases,   to watch the football, to watch the tennis, to go shopping, to visit the public hostelries, and even the opera ???   These aspects of life which can be taken so much for granted by the populous take on an extra special meaning to a seafarer who should otherwise be at sea and away from the pleasures afforded by being alongside!

‘’ To lay aloft in a howling breeze,
may tickle a landsmen’s taste,
But the happiest hour a sailor sees,
Is when he’s down in an inland town,
With his Nancy on his knees, Yo-ho,
And his arm around her waist …’’

Gilbert & Sullivan,
The Mikado.

Wavey Davey's Wit Spot

GOOD NEWS ! – Saddam Hussein is facing the Death Penalty !

BAD NEWS ! – Beckham is taking it !!!

I am told that this very topical joke is now so widespread that everyone will have heard it !

Good. I’m sure that’s a prime requirement of a Wavey Davey joke.!   

But ‘Come On’ Davey, where are those classics that we know and loathe ??

It is a bad state of affairs indeed when Wavey Davey is reduced to political and sensitive jokes to keep us all amused ?   Time to go back to sea where Davey is free from such obvious landlubber influences.

THUNDERBIRDS ARE    G O ! … or maybe they aren’t.

With appearance in the Cinemas of the new Thunderbirds Movie,   I thought it would be topical to bring you information of your favourite organisation !

Thunderbird ES03 is sitting here waiting on Tracey Island (HULL) and all the airways are quiet !

Up in Thunderbird 5, John (Sven Rong) is monitoring the channels for any sniff of a task for the International (well, Antarctic) Team, but so far, all is very quiet.   The communicators crackled briefly over the last week with false alarms of ‘rescue jobs’ as far afield as Tripoli - North Africa, Malta – in the Mediterranean, and the Danish Sector of the North Sea, but so far nothing.    Jeff Tracey (Capt.Chapman) is still waiting for the chance to rouse the team and say the word ‘GO’, but meanwhile, life continues in a relaxed fashion at our Island Base. (North Quay).

Brains (Derek Forward) is busy with his engineering and is spending some hours maintaining and repairing his very latest Thunderbird !   (the Chief’s Bike).

Scott, Virgil, Alan and Gordon (the deck officers ?) are all anxious to be driving their ship’s around the world on the next elusive job, and where Lady Penelope and Parker are, we really do not know ???

F. A. B.

(ps. Does anyone actually know what FAB means ???)   ( Fast Alongside Berth perhaps ???).

Forthcoming Events: Continuing to wait work in the North Sea.   Start, or continue with the handover notes for the crewchange which is rapidly approaching.

Contributors this week:.   Acknowledgements to Jerry & Sylvia.Anderson and the Thunderbird TV Series for the use of the Thunderbirds Pictures.
W.S.Gilbert & A.Sullivan for the purloined lyrics from one of their shows.

Diary 06 should be written by Sunday 11 and available for publishing on Monday 12.  

Chauffeur M’Lady.