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03 July - Rough weather

Date: Sunday 03 July 2005
Position @ 1200 Local (GMT+1): 59°48' North, 001°13.0' West
Next destination: Peterhead, TBC
ETA: Tuesday 05 or Wednesday 06 July 2005
Distance to go: N/A

Current weather: Sunny / part cloudy
Wind: SSW, Force 8
Sea state: Rough
Barometric pressure:1005.8 mmHg
Air temperature: 13.5°C
Sea temperature: 9.6°C

For the most up-to-date chart of the ships position, visit sailwx.info

The vessel is currently en route to the Bruce platform and at the time of writing we were just to the south of the Shetland Isles passing Sumburgh Head.

The Shackleton should be on station at the Bruce platform by midnight Sunday ready to start another pipeline survey.

For most of the week we have been to the west of the Shetlands in the area around the Foinaven & Schiehallon FPSO vessels surveying the many pipe lines around these facilities.

Unfortunatley the weather took a turn for the worse and the conditions made it too difficult to carry on with the surveying work so after a bouncy night we are heading towards The Bruce Platform where the conditions are good enough to carry on with another part of the inspection project.

The following two pictures are what conditions can be like in the North Sea at times.

Rough seas Rough seas

During our time to the west of the Shetlands we were not the only ship carrying out tasks for the oil companies, The Olympic Hercules which is an anchor handler was in situ around the Foinaven FPSO inspecting the moorings also the Sub Sea Viking which is a class 3 dive boat was busy laying transponders and inspecting the flowline termination points around The Schiehallion FPSO so it was a busy area with quite a few projects ongoing.

The Olympic Hercules The Olympic Hercules.

Subsea Viking working next to Schiehallion FPSO Subsea Viking working next to Schiehallion FPSO.

In the meantime the Ernest Shackleton was inspecting flow lines around the same area using a solo workclass ROV.

Solo ROV on deck Stolt Offshore, Solo ROV on deck aboard the Shackleton.

To give you an idea of the scale, Solo is about the size of a Transit Van (but costs a huge amount more).

Meanwhile aboard the Shackleton the Crews routine tasks carry on as normal in all the departments.

Jim Mellon Fraser Macdonald
Ray Davis Keith Walker

(Top left) Jim Mellon Ships ETO Elec Checking the Thrusters electrical panel , (Top right) Fraser Macdonald 4th Engineer repairing the mess room ice machine.

(Bottom left) Ray Davis The Bosun's Mate painting shackles in the Bosun's store, (Bottom right) Keith Walker Ch Cook in the Galley.

And finally not forgetting some of the survey crew.

Vidar Andersen Survey analyzing collected data in the dry lab

(1) Vidar Andersen (Offshore Manager) in the worksite office (2) Survey analyzing collected data in the dry lab.

Thats about all from the Ernest Shackleton for this week, Events this coming week include a port call to Peterhead, transit to the southern sector of the North Sea and ongoing pipeline surveys.

Thanks to Ray Davis for some of the photos.

As for the Ships Crew friends and family we will see you all in about 10 days time.

Dave Bailey