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10 July - More survey work

Date: Sunday 10 July 2005
Position @ 1200 Local (GMT+1): 54°030' North, 05°26.2' East
Next destination: Immingham
ETA: Thursday 14 July 2005
Distance to go: N/A

Current weather: Few clouds - Fine and clear
Wind: NNE, Force 3
Sea state: Calm
Barometric pressure:1027.3 mmHg
Air temperature: 17.9°C
Sea temperature: 15.9°C

For the most up-to-date chart of the ships position, visit sailwx.info

Last weekend the Shackleton was forced to abandon the survey in the area around the Schiehallion and Foinaven FPSOs which are to the West of the Shetland Isles due to poor weather.

Aft view of the Foinaven FPSO facility Aft view of the Foinaven FPSO facility.

We then relocated to the Bruce platform to the East of the Shetlands where the weather was more suitable for survey work so the small Lynx ROV proceeded to carry out an inspection of the Bruce platforms risers which is basically a pipe that rises from the sea bed up to the platform to deliver the oil for processing.

Also at Bruce an inspection of 32" ∓ 24" spool pieces was carried out. Spool Pieces are connections between the main pipeline and the risers which are designed to allow for any heat expansion from the pipe.

Bruce Platforms Bruce Platforms

From the Bruce platforms it was then a 3 hour steaming time to the next location which was Harding.

Harding is a jack up installation which sits on top of a storage tank, The tank is connected to a pipeline which runs to a PLEM (pipe line end manifold) which in turn is connected to an STL (submerged turret loading) that has a floating buoy on the surface and a tanker comes along and picks up the STL, connects it up to the tanker and exports oil for transportation to the mainland. The survey in this area was for the anchor wires to the STL using the large solo ROV.

Launching Solo ROV Launching Solo ROV

On completion of the Harding tasks the Shackleton headed for Peterhead for a short port call to exchange clients,collect some spare parts and top up with fresh victualling stores.

Alongside in Peterhead Leaving Peterhead

Above: (1)The Ernest Shackleton alongside in Peterhead & (2) the view looking aft departing a few hours later.

Our new Clients include Bluewater Industries , ATP-oil and gas incorporated and Shell.

Our next task was to do a pre-lay route survey between two rigs starting from L6 Well head to G17d- AP Platform a total of 39.5 km.

L6 Wellhead is located about 40 miles to the North of Terschelling in Holland so to arrive there we had a 28 hour transit time from Peterhead.

The purpose of the survey is to ensure there are no obstructions or debris between the two points that would interfere with a pipeline laying project.

Survey start point L6 Wellhead Finish point G17d-AP Platform

Above: (1) Survey start point L6 Wellhead and (2) finish point G17d-AP Platform showing a new platform under construction.

During the Survey a large heavy fishing net was discovered so at the moment we are on the way back to the point where it was found for an attempt to move or recover the obstruction.

That's about all for the Shackleton update so the following photos are of a few routine tasks performed this past week.

Captain John Marshall scanning the horizon Javed Ansari (ETO Comms) busy at his desk on the bridge
Tim Patterson A/B painting the Heli Deck steps Dave Bailey (Purser) inside the port lifeboat conducting a safety Brief for new arrivals

(Top left):- Captain John Marshall scanning the horizon during departure from Peterhead. (Top Right:)- Javed Ansari (ETO Comms) busy at his desk on the bridge. (Bottom Left) Tim Patterson A/B painting the Heli Deck steps (Bottom Right) Dave Bailey (Purser) inside the port lifeboat conducting a safety Brief for new arrivals.

And not forgetting the survey crew buried inside the ROV control rooms......

ROV Pilot/Techs ROV Pilot/Tech

(Top left) (ROV Pilot/Techs)Oyvind Johnsen and Andy Patterson controlling the Solo ROV (top right) Bob Atkinson (ROV Pilot / Tech)at his work station. (Bottom) Dave Auckland (Snr surveyor) and Ronnie Todd (Online Surveyor) monitoring data collection during survey operations. Overlooked by the Client Ron Everitt of Bluewater Industries.

Events this coming week include, protective mattress laying in the Trent Gas Field area and a full Ships Crew change at Immingham on Thursday 14th July which means the end of the four month duty period for Captain John Marshalls team, handing over to Captain Graham Chapmans team who will be on duty until about mid November. So to all the crews family and friends we will see you all in a few days time.

Thanks to Ray Davis for most of the photos again.

Dave Bailey