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17 December 2000 - Another week in Stanley

RRS James Clark Ross Diary

Noon Position : Stanley, Falkland Islands.
Distance travelled since Grimsby: 13,268 nautical miles
Air temperature @ noon: 9.4 degrees Celsius
Sea temperature @ noon: 10.6 degrees Celsius

We arrived back in Stanley on Monday morning, when it was time to demobilize the SOC scientists and prepare for the arrival of the next team. Apart from this we had to unload the Rothera "gash", refuel and get all the other maintenance jobs done. The new group are mainly British Antarctic Survey scientists for the JR57 cruise and over the next few weeks we will have more from them with regard to what they are up to. This scientific cruise will take us back to the South Georgia area and consists solely of science, no relief work to be done at all, however we will hopefully get to South Georgia briefly to do the calibrations on the echo sounder.

A brief glimpse of Stanley in the sunshine

A brief glimpse of Stanley in the sunshine

The scientists arrived in dribs and drabs over the week but by Saturday night all personnel were aboard, unfortunately the equipment wasn't so obliging and we are still waiting in the hope that the extra flight expected in this afternoon will indeed be carrying some pretty important (but not vital) scientific kit, but like all things we will just have to wait and see, keeping our fingers crossed. New personnel means a thorough safety brief, and fire and boat drills to add to the fun. So it was a quick spin in the lifeboat down to the jetty where everyone got out instead of having to climb back up the rope ladder. As you can see summer has definitely not yet hit Stanley.

Lifeboat drills

Lifeboat drills

Due to arriving ahead of schedule, thanks to good weather and ice conditions to and from Rothera, we've had a longer stay in Stanley than anticipated, which has meant that most people have had a bit of time to relax, get off the ship and yet again enjoy what the Falklands has to offer! Saturday night brought out the local band "The Flying Pigs" to the Trough, the high spot of Stanley!

Whalebone Arch The Flying Pigs

Whalebone Arch

The Flying Pigs

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The Stanley Open Golf Course Others were feeling more energetic and went out to enjoy a blustery round of golf at the Stanley Golf Club course to the west of the town. The golf course is certainly not what most are used to with unusual hazards including peat bogs, bomb craters and sheep droppings, and added targets of geese and sheep that roam freely!! But these do not diminish the enjoyment of a walk-about, and by all accounts it's just a good excuse for a hot coffee laced with rum - a well deserved treat after 18 holes in a howling gale if you ask me.

We also had to say goodbye to the two cadets, Dean Burnett and Russell Brooks, who have spent the last 3 months on board keeping us entertained, but who now get the pleasure of being home in time for Christmas and New Year - lucky lads!

Dean Burnett Russell Brooks

Dean Burnett

Russell Brooks

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