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21 January 2001 - All change in Stanley

RRS James Clark Ross Diary

Noon Position : Stanley, Falkland Islands.
Distance travelled since Grimsby: 17,244 nautical miles
Air temperature @ noon: 11.5 degrees Celsius
Sea temperature @ noon: 11.9 degrees Celsius

Once again the cycle continues and handover is completed. Our two page-writers for Captain Elliott's crew return after four months off - Simon returns engaged and David returns after becoming a dad for the first time. A very interesting leave on both counts. As we have just arrived on board, this week's diary will be an exceptionally short one while we get our brains back into gear. So our apologies for those who expected more !

The Falkland Islands appear from plane. Click on image to enlarge Friday saw us landing in the Falkland Islands to bright sunshine, as it is midsummer at present, and very pleasant it was considering the weather we had left back in the UK. However, there was little time to enjoy the weather as handovers had to be completed before the other crew's departure to a well-earned leave. At this point we would like to thank Pippa, our Doctor, who has done a sterling job on the web page for the last four months, but has decided to take a break with our return. Do not fear she is still with us and will no doubt appear again in future diary pages.

Autosub on deck before sailing. Click on image to enlarge Having mobilised we are to sail south towards Antarctica and begin the ship's next scientific programme which involves sending AutoSub under the sea ice to look at the ice itself and also the krill living there. However, we shall leave the in-depth descriptions until next week, when we hope to have a greater understanding of the things happening onboard.


Caption competition. Click on image to enlarge As a light aside we took this picture of our principal scientist for the cruise, Andy Brierley, delving into Autosub, but are unsure what he is saying to one of the deck crew (George Dale). We'll let you make your own minds up on that one.

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