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04 February 2001 - Autosub Technical Details

RRS James Clark Ross Diary

AutoSub ready for early morning launch. Click on image to enlarge AutoSub ready for an early morning launch. Click on image to enlarge.

Under Sea Ice Pelagic Studies - The Autosub programme on board the JCR
The AutoSub Logo The Logo for the USIPS project

The emblems for the AutoSub project (left), and that for Under Sea Ice Pelagic Studies (USIPS) the present programme taking place onboard (right).

The Current AutoSub Specification

Navigation aids

Upward ADCP (300 kHz)


Downwards ADCP (300 kHz)


Foward looking sonar (up 15 degrees)


Forward looking sonar (down 15 degrees)


MRU 6 attitude package




Navigation accuracy

1% distance travelled (when in ADCP bottom lock)


Radio link

Line of sight mission download/status


Vehicle location

Dual Argos beacons


Dual xeon strobe lights


Orbcomm satellite link (position and status)


Acoustic USBL navigation


Scientific instruments (standard)

Seabird SB9 --Dual C & T sensors








Upwards ADCP (300 kHz)


Downwards ADCP (300 kHz)


Scientific instruments
Up to approx 100 kg wet Turbulence probes weight in approx 1 cubic metre cargo

Aquamonitor water sampler (100 m depth rating)


Upward looking forward/sidescan space


Bubble resonator (bubble size measurements)


(user defined/fitted to date)

Manganese sensor


Cytometer (organic/inorganic particle analyser)


EK 500 38 kHz and 120 kHz fisheries sonar


1.2 MHz ADCP Acoustic Doppler


Velocity Logs

Auto Sub Drawing. Click on image to enlargeAutosub schematic. Click on image to enlarge.

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