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01 April 2001 - Heading North for Brazil

RRS James Clark Ross Diary

Noon Position : 44° 55' South, 52° 19' West.
Distance travelled since Grimsby: 27,198 nautical miles
Air temperature @ noon: 16.5 degrees Celsius
Sea temperature @ noon: 15.8 degrees Celsius


Tuesday saw us arrive back at Stanley for the last call of the season. This was to facilitate the offloading of the scientists and VIP's plus a little bit of cargo. As we are heading North there is always a quantity of cargo to return to the UK, normally in the form of empty containers and waste from the bases. This year however, we have managed to escape carrying lots of the waste as we have other work to do on our way home to the UK and hence do not have as much space for it. So apologies to all on RRS Ernest Shackleton, but we're afraid you will be carrying most of it this year.


We are now on a 10 day passage to the Brazillian city of Recife, where we will pick up scientists for the Mid Atlantic Ridge cruise along with all the associated equipment which has been sea-freighted down to the port in readiness. As for the ships staff, well we are really enjoying a quieter ship and looking forward, hopefully, to some better weather. So as we have the ship, all but briefly, to ourselves we can get all those little jobs (and big jobs if the Mate gets his way!) started and hopefully finished before the onslaught of science takes over our routine once more.

No this is no April fool either we are actually heading north !!


This week we will leave you with a picture postcard of Stanley, all taken this Thursday. Pretty to look at, and easy for the editors !

York Bay. Click to enlarge Shags on wreck in Stanley Harbour. Click to enlarge  Stanley Street. Click to enlarge
Mizzen Mast from S.S. Great Britain.  Click to enlarge Sheep looking after garden.  Click to enlarge Departing FIPASS.  Click to enlarge

Click on any of the above to enlarge.

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