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20 May 2001 - Happy Birthday Captain !

RRS James Clark Ross Diary

Noon Position : 30° 29' North, 33° 08' West.
Distance travelled since Grimsby: 33,633 nautical miles
Air temperature @ noon: 24.6 degrees Celsius
Sea temperature @ noon: 22.4 degrees Celsius

Onwards and upwards...

Wednesday of this week saw us completing the JR63 science programme that we have been running for the last four weeks. The Science party seem very happy with their findings and have many lovely samples to take home which will keep them busy for many months, if not years, to come. The picture below shows most of the Science team around the BGS Bridge drill just after its last deployment.

The end of Science round the BGS Bridge drill. Click to enlarge. The Science team round the BGS Bridge Drill. Click to enlarge.

Since Wednesday we have been steaming north-east towards the Azores where we shall disembark the scientists, and then the ship will proceed onto the UK. The fact that we have a week between the end of the science to the Azores has meant a very leisurely demobilisation for all concerned, so everything has been packed away in plenty of time. This means the ship's crew can get on with the next important task; that of preparing for handover to the other crew just after arriving in Grimsby, the following Tuesday.

Captain's Birthday...

The end of science was marked by celebrating two birthdays. That of Martina Gleeson, a mere 23, on the last day of science (Wednesday), but everyone was able to wind down a little on Thursday evening with a Barbecue to mark the birthday of the Captain, Robert Paterson, who is twice Martina's age. Well he prefers the title "Temporary Master" as he keeps reminding us. A great evening was had by all.

Below we have a few images of the evening;

(Top Left) The after deck scene,

(Top Right) The cooks for the Evening (L to R) Duncan Irving, Debleena Banjeri and Javier Escartin. This was only a precursor to the main event, as on Friday evening they gave the Galley staff another evening off, well, reduced them to supervising at least. As assisted by John Derrick and a cast of thousands, a lovely meal of Paella, Curry and Chocolate Eclairs went down a treat.

After Deck Barbeque. Click to enlarge. Duncan, Debleena and Javier on cooking duty. Click to enlarge.
Richy and his Drum. Click to enlarge. A group shot from the BBQ. Click to enlarge.

(Above left) Richard Lilly decided the jukebox did not have enough rhythm and so acted as accompaniment on his bongo drum. Well there is one advantage to throwing a party when the ship is at sea - you don't have to worry about disturbing the neighbours!

(Above right) A group shot from the evening.

Just for Fun...

We know the coconuts were running out, but this is ridiculous!!!

Chris and Javier Sharing a Coconut. Click to enlarge. The Principal Scientist, Chris MacLeod, and his number two, Javier Escartin, sharing one of the last coconuts from Recife. Click on image to enlarge

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