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08 July 2001 - What fog on the Tyne ?

RRS James Clark Ross Diary

And the refit goes on.........

During this last week the shipyard's refit work is slowly starting to finish with the biggest job now left the inspection and overhaul of our 10 and 20 tonne cranes.

Installing LAN in the UIC room, click to enlargeApart from that the LAN system is progressing well, and the now familiar sight of Paul and Russell's legs poking out of our deck-heads (sorry, ceiling!) is nearly over with most of the wiring in place and work starting on the terminations.

Also this week the engine parts that had gone away for overhaul have arrived back, and the engines themselves are starting to look like engines once more, much to the relief of the engineers!

The ship's crew have been busy as well. Because there are less dock workers on board we have more time to do our own maintenance and to start cleaning the ship after the refit. Those of you who have seen the ship in port or have been on a science cruise probably wouldn't recognise her at the moment, but things are improving slowly.

Testing the starboard lifeboat

Earlier in the week we shifted the ship along the quay so the starboard lifeboat could be tested in the entrance to No 4 dock. An explanation and pictures of previous testing are in the update last week.

Ian Heffernan the Second Officer's views on the test.

I thought there was something wrong when Paul the Third Officer invited me to come along for the testing of the boat.  He told me he was just lowering it to the water for the MCA surveyor, but after lowering it down to the water (all under the careful control of Graham the Chief Officer) I discovered why I was so nicely asked to help with this boat.

After dumping all the 7.2 tonnes of water out of the water bags by hand almost singlehandedly and seeing the smile on his face for the rest of the day........... I think I was conned!

Lowering the Starboard boat during test. Click to enlarge The hooks are released. Click to enlarge

What fog on the Tyne ?

Just to prove that it is summer this is the view up and down the River Tyne from the top of our main mast.

The view up the Tyne. Click to enlarge The view down the Tyne. Click to enlarge

Birthday boy of the week

Dave at 50 ! Click to enlargeThis week was Dave our motorman's big 50! Happy birthday to him, from all of us on board.

Coming up over this next week.

Finishing off painting and other shore refit work, continue to clean up the ship, the engines should be all back together ready for running up and testing, and work continues on the LAN installation.

Written by Paul Clarke (Third officer)

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