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08 April 2002 - Rolling Around

RRS James Clark Ross Diary

Position at 1200: 49° 20.6'S, 42° 43.4'W - 584 Miles ENE of Stanley and 338 Miles NNW of Bird Island
Distance Travelled since Grimsby: 38439 Nautical Miles
Air temperature: 10.4°C; Sea temperature: 6.1°C
Weather : Partly cloudy, fine and clear with good visibility and improving all the time, Wind- NE force 5, Sea state- moderate sea and swell

Current, frequent weather observations reported back to BAS Headquarters in Cambridge is used to plot the ship's current position and recent track. Meteorological data are also available from this page. The callsign of RRS James Clark Ross is ZDLP.

The final month!!

As there is not a lot of stuff of interest to the world in general going on at the moment on here (meaning nothing to take nice photos of!) the last few web pages of this trip will be coming fortnightly; this means that we only have possibly two more before we go home.

This last couple of weeks we have been doing a swath bathemetry survey, to the NNW of South Georgia. During this time we have had all sorts of weather from very rough (with us rolling around all over the place up to around 30 degrees either side of the upright) to this last weekend where it was nice and sunny, about 16°C and with only a bit of a breeze!

A little game for all

Following on from saying that it was a bit roly-poly for a while, we have come up with a game especially for all of you, the rules are simple......

  • First have no sleep for a couple of days
  • Get a pal to slide your food/tea/beer past you up and down the table quickly till you give up or it falls on the floor
  • Get the same pal to pull your chair up and down while you are trying to eat/work
  • While leaning from side to side about 30° shove everything off your desk
  • For the ultimate test of whether or not you are a real sailor.....try the leaning trick whilst using the toilet!!!!
  • Swear lots (not for the kids) and repeat at frequent intervals
  • Pick it all up and start again
Angus and Nick showing you how its done. Click to enlarge One of the smaller ones. Click to enlarge

Above: Angus and Nick the motormen demonstrate their 'sealegs' on a visit to the bridge and the view looking the other way. Click on the image for a better view.

Some other distractions......

Also over the last weeks, when we have not been playing the fun game above, we have been passing the time with things like a flutter on the horses for the Grand National, this is where you 'buy' a horse for a whole pound and hope that it even starts! Then there are prizes for the first three places. We are very proud to announce that the winner of this grand race was Jo Preston.

There was a quiz night in the officers' bar on saturday night hosted by Jo......hang on now we know where the prize money for the quiz came from!! This was won by Pete Lens, Peter Hunter and Duncan the Chief Engineer, well done to them and all of the other teams that took part.

Alan and Sid at the JCR grand prix circuit,. Click to enlargeBest of all a scalextric race track has appeared in the main lab; we all agree that this is a much better use for this area than filling it with boring microscopes and such like.....I mean copepods or cars, no comparison really!

There have also been some emergency drills, one of which for the science staff meant getting a bit wet; while we were rescuing people from enclosed spaces they were being shown fire extingushers and hoses, and having a go with them under the watchful eye of Doug the deck.

Hose drill for all. Click to enlarge They know they will be wet soon. Click to enlarge

Above: Hose drills for all. Click on the images to enlarge them. Photos from Pete Lens.

Our weather......

Can you see us? Click to enlargeThis is an image from our Dartcom HRPT, you can clearly see the Falklands and Cape Horn. Click on the image to enlarge it.


Pete and Steve for pics etc

Coming up over the next couple of weeks.....

More swath followed by more swath followed by ...... oh and possibly some contributions from some of the crew about life on board.....watch this space!