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02 June 2002 - Crossing The Line

RRS James Clark Ross

Update (2nd June 2002)

Noon Position : 23 deg 59.6' North, 23 deg 28.3' West, that's about 300 miles South West of the Canary Islands

Distance Travelled since Grimsby : 47678 Nautical Miles

Air temperature @ Noon today : 22.3 degrees C

Sea temperature @ Noon today : 22.0 degrees C

The last week..

Last Monday saw us cross the Equator once more, this time in the northerly direction as we make our passage ever onwards towards the UK and Grimsby. After a number of days at sea life develops into its regular patterns for everyone onboard, this is especially true for this passage as we have no scientific party onboard this time to vary our routines. It is a time for doing maintenance on the ship as we have the time and hopefully the weather to do all those outside jobs. It would be the case this time except that the weather seems to have deserted us and the last week saw us trying to do jobs in between tropical down pours; though there have been long settled spells, it's all been in the timing.

Next Sunday will have us nearly back in the UK as we are due to arrive on the morning of Monday the 10th and our nice routine will vanish as we throw ourselves into making the ship ready for an Arctic cruise. However, before we get too far ahead of ourselves we have a week to go and are hoping for more settled weather to get our jobs finished.

You could say it's been a quiet week all in all - it won't last.

Crossing "The Line".

Crossing the line this time was quiet affair, due to the lack of victims. Sorry must be politically correct, that is persons who are required to pay homage to King Neptune. For the first time in a long while everyone onboard had crossed the equator before so did not require "doing". If anyone is wondering what I'm going on about they can look at the ceremony that took place when the vessel came South. Click Here

So we settled for a BBQ on the after deck to mark the occasion making for a change of routine. The picture below shows the early arrivals sampling Sarah Hortop (Doctor) "brew" of the week, that of homemade "Baileys" (a very creamy liqueur), more about that later.

The sundowners club. Click to enlarge The Sundowners club. Click to enlarge

Then we came to the really important part of the evening - the food. Our first "Chef" of the evening was Jim Baker (AB) he is seen below, though by the look of things it might not quite be ready for cooking just yet! The comments of the Catering Officer Ken Olley seen behind are not recorded, but needless to say it wasn't long before he took a hand in the proceedings.

I think it's hot Jim!. Click to enlarge I think it's hot Jim. Click to enlarge

As it is the tropics we could not pass up the chance of a pretty picture of the ships wake with the sunset colouring the clouds.

Ever onwards. Click to enlarge Ever onwards. Click to enlarge

EDITORS NOTE: I wish to point out the word "Chef" in the preceeding article is in no way meant to reflect in any way on the Catering Staff onboard. Please can I still be fed for the rest of the trip, thank you.

Sports Column

With World Cup fever in the air we thought we would have our own sports feature. That's not to say we've escaped the World Cup just because we are out here. That just would not be possible with the results of each match being faithfully recorded on wall charts around the ship as they are anounced on the BBC World Service or arrive via email.

Our own sports slot features the weekly table tennis dual between the two Motormen Mark Robinshaw and Charlie Smith. I understand Mark is presently ahead. It's one of the advantages of the northbound voyage with relatively little cargo onboard leaving us with space in No.2 Hold to set the table up again as seen below.

Anyone for tennis. Click to enlargeMark and Charlie - Anyone for tennis!. Click to enlarge

Potion makers of the week

Having to abandon the "man of the week" slot, for obvious reasons, a new tittle had to be dreamt up. Potion makers was deemed appropriate for the concoction created by Sarah Hortop (Doctor) and Kim Cooling (2nd Officer). They called it homemade Baileys, but I never knew it came in several flavours! So lets just say it was a very rich whisky creme liqueur of sorts created for the BBQ. The photographer did say the making process resembled Act 1 Scene 1 of the "Scottish Play", but when it was pointed out that made him the third witch the idea was swiftly abandoned. As to what did it taste like, well the general verdict being very nice, but only in small doses.

Sarah and Kim creating. Click to enlarge Sarah and Kim creating !. Click to enlarge

Editors Note - in case anyone doesn't know the "Scottish" Play is also known as Macbeth and opens with three witches around a cauldron.