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May 30 - Goodbye from Doctor Emma

Date: 30 May 2004

Noon Position: lat 49 15.5 N, long 06 46.8 W (64 nautical miles from Lands End)
Distance travelled since Immingham: 33121 nautical miles
Distance travelled since Stanley: 7997 nautical miles
Air temperature: 14.2°C
Sea temperature: 14.4°C

The JCR this Week.

This is it, the way home. This time next week we'll be reading the Sunday newspapers for the first time in over 9 months..........

The Channels have developed over the past week in a few (normally) fine upstanding individuals. The symptoms of Acute Channelitis were described by Alex Ramsden last year and can be found in "Pay, pack and go".

The catering crew. Click to enlarge. I feel safer down here! Click to enlarge.

The catering crew as we don't see them at breakfast, and Niki and Doug take to hiding under the tables!
Click to enlarge.

I must firstly apologise for mis-identifying Nick in the gym last week, when it was of course Paul- silly me! How could I mistake a man who looks like Dale Winton for the one who has an uncanny resemblance to Edward Whymper!

Paul and Patrick. Click to enlarge.

Paul receiving the cruise best moustache award from Patrick. Click to enlarge.

The photographer on the other side of the lens. Click to enlarge.

For once, we managed to capture Young Nam Kim on the other side of the lens. Young has provided most of the photographs for this trip, both for the diary and for our own personal collections. Click to enlarge.

Science Bit In The Middle: AMT 14.

AMT 14 scientists and support staff. Click to enlarge.

This week three scientists appeared from nowhere.... it was rumoured they were still on board, but no-one had seen Alex, Mark or Tim for days, or even weeks. A plate of food was left in the galley every morning and by nightfall it had mysteriously disappeared. The stock of tea bags and crunchy peanut butter was dwindling rapidly with no clear explanation. And then they were spotted; three tall, skinny, pale-faced, red-eyed men appeared from inside the container lab- blinked, yawned, mumbled something about incubators and promptly embarked on another 24 hour marathon experiment.

Sleeeeeeeep, pleeeeeease. Click to enlarge.

Alex, Mark and Tim, winners of the red eyes of the week award. Click to enlarge.

This has also been a week for pretty sea creatures. First we found ourselves in a field of jellyfish- glittering in the sunshine, then we entered into the coccolithophore bloom. These tiny algae calcify, producing silica skeletons which reflect the light within the water, turning the sea an iridescent milky turquoise colour. We stopped in the midst of this for a CTD station, and some on board were lucky enough to catch a glimpse of a sunfish cruising through the water.

Gorgeous blue water. Click to enlarge.

Kevin and Tugs guide the CTD into the stunning turquoise water of the coccolithophore bloom.
Click to enlarge.

While we are carrying out science operations, other ships in the area are made aware that we are "restricted in our ability to manoeuver" by various signals. In daylight hours we fly large wicker symbols from the mast: two balls and a diamond. By night, these are replaced by lights: 2 red and one white. These indicate to other traffic that we have surveying equipment over the side.

The mast during science ops. Click to enlarge.

The mast and warning symbols. Click to enlarge.

Science on board is supported by a team of technicians. On AMT cruises, technicians from the Research Vessel Support Unit accompany the equipment and provide support on board. BAS also provides technical support in the form of an IT specialist and an electronics engineer. For the past 4 months, Johnnie Edmonston has been our IT guru; famous for his eccentric haircuts and proud Scottish heritage, Johnnie wears his kilt to dinner every Saturday night!

Mark Preston is our current electronics engineer. Known to all as Bangles, Mark's dedication to sunbathing is second only to his unrelenting cheerfulness at the 2am CTD!

Johnnie. Click to enlarge. Mark Preston. Click to enlarge.

Johnnie and Mark.
Click to enlarge.

The officers and doctor. Click to enlarge.

The officers and the doctor at the end of cruise dinner. Click to enlarge.

Happy memories of 9 months at sea.

The JCR has become home, office and family to me over the past 9 months. My neighbours are my work colleagues, friends and patients. It has been a real privilege to work in this environment and it will be a strange adjustment to "real" life when I go home. I know for a few days at least I will be looking for my friends, with whom I have shared so much over the last year. I also know I will have an increased appreciation of the smallest things- tomatoes for example. Coffee. Newspapers. Chocolate hobnobs.

X-raying Toms hand. Click to enlarge.

The surgery- home, office, bomb site, refuge. Click to enlarge.

Sandals and socks, my favourites! Click to enlarge.

An abiding image of the JCR: socks and sandals..... and it isn't just the scientists! Click to enlarge.

JCR teamwork. Click to enlarge.

Many hands make light work! Click to enlarge.

The wetlab in full flow. Click to enlarge. The coolroom lab. Click to enlarge.

The labs are the JCR's most amazing feature, singling her out as a very special ship. What is achieved at sea is quite incredible. Click to enlarge.

A final thought ...

Another beauttiful sunset. Click to enlarge.

Home sweet home. Click to enlarge.

Next week....... I'll be at home...yippeeeee!

Over to Simon now for a few weeks until July, when I'll be back, rested and fit with Captain Elliott's crew after their summer leave. We hope Captain Burgan and his crew of Andy Liddell, Dave king, Jo Cox, Colin Lang, Dave Peck, Martin Bowen, George Dale, Kevin Holmes, Mark Taylor, Ian Raper, Duncan Anderson, Colin Smith, Jim Stevenson, Roger Jones, Doug t"he Deck" Trevett, Angus Makaskill, Bruce Smith, Keith Rowe (we miss you Keith), Mike "Sparky" Gloistein, Richie Turner, Lee Jones, Billy Hulme, Will Hyslop, Riff Raff Raworth, Shady and Nick Greenwood enjoy their time off.

So long and thanks for all the fish!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Emma