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Jun 26 - Painting Ship

Sunday 26th June 2005

Noon Position : Lat 50° 35 N, Long 002 ° 23 W  Approx 3 nautical miles from Weymouth.

Air temperature @ noon today :  16.2 ° C

Sea temperature @ noon today :  15.1 ° C 

Wind: Direction NE, Force 4

Barometer:  1025.4hPa

The past two weeks have been very busy onboard,  with the painting of the outside areas of the ship continuing and the engine overhall being completed. Other general maintenance work has also been carried out by ships staff and everyone onboard has been kept very busy.

Just after 1100 on Sunday 26th June the James Clark Ross moved off the Q5 berth at portland,  transited the harbour and out through the East Ship Channel into open water.

From here the ship will head for the Solent,  arriving at our designated anchorage on Monday morning,  to get ready for the Fleet Review by Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II on Tuesday.  This will involve over 150 ships,  and should prove to be very interesting for us onboard.  Later in the evening there is going to be a firework display.

This past week has seen a number of interesting sights.  In the earlier part of the week there was a fantastic sunset over Weymouth,  followed later in the week with an amazing display of lightning and heavy thunder storms.

Sunset over Weymouth  Sunset over Weymouth.  Photo M.Gloistein

Departing Portland  Looking back towards Portland as the ship sails on Sunday morning.  Photo M.Gloistein

Looking towards Weymouth as we depart Portland  Looking towards Weymouth as we depart Portland and pass through the East Ship Channel.  Photo M.Gloistein

Following on from the International Fleet Review the James Clark Ross will go alongside the North Corner Jetty at Portsmouth Naval Base to take part in the International Festival of the Seas.  Staff from BAS Cambridge will be travelling down and staying onboard the ship for the duration of the festival and setting up a  series of displays for the public,  to give an idea of just what it is that BAS does.

There will be a full report next week on both of these events.