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Jul 23 - Hole in the hull!

Noon Position: C Lock, Portsmouth Naval Base

Air temperature @ noon today:  17.0 ° C

Sea temperature @ noon today:  Unknown

Wind/weather: Light airs, heavy rain in the morning

Barometer: 1000.3 hPa

The James Clark Ross remains in drydock in Portsmouth and the annual refit continues.  This weeks webpage is  a selection of pictures showing some of the varied work being carried out onboard.

The rudder is off!  The rudder is removed from the rudder stock.  This has now been moved to the dock bottom for a full inspection.  Photo Captain Burgan.

With the rudder removed it will now be possible to take off the propeller and the tail shaft,  which should happen in the next few days.

The Swath transducer The Swath Bathymetry transducer space opened up so that all the transmitting transducer heads could be replaced. Photo M.Gloistein

The hole in the hull gets bigger The hole through the hull,  for our new acoustic reference system,  gets larger.  All being well the fitting of this unit will start next week. Photo M.Gloistein.

Looking from below Looking up from the dock bottom,  with cutting taking place.  Photo Captain Burgan.

Looking up! An interesting view of the bow of the James Clark Ross,  looking up from the dock bottom.  Photo M.Gloistein.

Whilst the yard have been carrying out some of the jobs shown above,  the Officers and Crew have been busy with planned maintenance and repair work onboard.  Thursday saw the closing down of the ship's 'Pooh Plant' for annual maintenance and inspection.  During the period of this closedown we have had to revert to portaloos,  located throughout the ship.  It was with great relief that it was announced that the plant was once again operational at lunchtime on Sunday.