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Aug 21 - Afloat again

1300 Position: No 3 Basin, Portsmouth Naval Base

Air temperature @ noon today:  21.5°C

Sea temperature @ noon today:20.1°C

Wind: NW, Force 2

Barometer: 1025.2 hPa

Following a dock bottom inspection on Saturday morning,  to ensure that there was nothing left in the dry-dock,   the sluices were opened at 1220 and water poured into C-Lock.  At 1338, with 4.5m of water in the lock and the ship still sitting on the blocks,  internal checks were carried out to ensure that no water was gaining entry.  Once this was completed,  flooding up continued and the JCR was floating at 1510.  Later in the afternoon the engines were started (these can not be run in dry-dock as they rely on sea water for cooling).  This means the the ship is independent of all shoreside services once again.

Flooding of the dock commences Flooding of the dock commences.  Photo C.Handy

The mid-ships gantry,  which has been in Glasgow for an overhaul during the refit period,  returned last week and is now fitted back into place.  Work is still required to get it fully functional and this will be completed before the JCR sails from Portsmouth later this coming week.

Once all the work is completed,  in the next few days,  the ship will sail to Portland to take bunkers and then head out to sea to complete sea trials with various pieces of equipment.  This will be followed by a science cruise to the Arctic,  more information on this in the next few weeks.

The British Antarctic Survey has an active  'Artists and Writers programme' which  is now jointly sponsored by the British Antarctic Survey and The Arts Council of England under the Council's Overseas Fellowship Programme.

It now appears that our Chief Cook has a budding writer in his family,  his  eleven year old daughter Naomi Asia Huntley,  and with this weeks page lacking in both pictures and words,  I have decided to use one of her poems.

Naomi, a budding writer

The Ship's Super Chef

A meal that is juicy
A meal that is sweet
A meal that is spicy
A chocolate treat!
Like a toffee coated apple
Or some chocolate covered chips
Anything this Chef makes
You're bound to lick your lips!
Some fudge smothered cherries
Or some fresh crab stick
He's a superhero at work
He'll cook whatever you pick!
And when the day is finished
Everybody's put on their night caps
Downstairs the music has begun
As the super Chef cooks and raps
As the fried egg dances in the pan
He's cooking up a tasty cheesy flan
As the workers on the ship wake up and scratch their heads
Through the door he arrives with breakfast in bed!