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Sep 11 - Heading South

Position Report at 1200UTC Sunday 10th September 2006

Latitude:   31 52.2 N
Longitude:  017 58.3 W
Bearing:  229 °T, 71 Nm from Madeira
Destination :  Montevideo
Distance Travelled:  279
Total Distance Travelled:  1673
Total Steam Time:  140.2
Total Average Speed:  11.9
Wind:  Direction ENE, Force 3
Sea State:  Slight
Air Temp: 24.1 °C  Sea Temp: 24.8 °C
Pressure: 1021.5  Tendency: Rising

James Clark Ross Tracking Map


The Royal Research Ship James Clark Ross  departed from the English port of Immingham,  on the River Humber,  on the afternoon of Monday 4th September,  for the start of the 2006/7 Antarctic Season.

A reception was held onboard,  on Friday 1st September,  to mark the retirement of Captain Chris Elliott.  A very good afternoon,  with many BAS staff,  several old FID's and past Masters of BAS attending.

The ship had returned from a scientific cruise to the Arctic,  and upon arrival in Immingham had then loaded cargo for the forthcoming Antarctic season.  Sunday 3rd September was the day for a crew change,  with Captain Chapman's team departing the vessel and Captain Burgan's arriving.

Whilst heading down the English Channel and in the vicinity of the Isle of Wight,  HMS Endurance was spotted and a Lynx helicopter flew across to say 'hello'.

Sunset A beautiful sunset as we transited the English Channel.  Photo Mike Gloistein

Once the ship exited the Channel and headed towards the Bay of Biscay the level of shipping traffic dropped off and life onboard settled into it's normal routine.  The Bay of Biscay held no surprises for us and our transit across it proved to be very pleasent indeed,  with a lovely calm sea and clear blue skies.  Whilst crossing the Bay the water depth increased from several hundred metres to as much as 5000 metres.

The moon The moon,  shining across the sea early one morning.  Photo Mike Gloistein.

A few small birds have been sighted onboard as we have worked our way south,  withdolphins and whales have also beeing seen.  Alas no pictures to show as yet!

This trip has seen a few changes amongst the Crew and Officers onboard and along with a new Doctor (Nick Young) we are joined by two Cadets,  being Andy Gill (Deck Cadet) and Vic Deo (Electro Technical Cadet).  The two Cadets will be gaining valuable knowledge whilst onboard and then they will return to their studies in the New Year.

Using sextants 2nd Officer Dave King and Cadet Andy Gill using Sextants to take a 'sight'.  Photo Mike Gloistein.

Saturday night was BBQ night,  held on the Main Deck and enjoyed by everyone onboard.

Early Sunday morning the James Clark Ross sailed past Madeira and the island could be clearly seen in the dark.  By the time the sun came up,  an hour later,  the island had vanished in amongst cloud and mist!