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Dec 15 - Plundering the S. Oceans

Sorry for the delay…

I have spent six weeks tied up in the cargo hold, I guess no crime is considered “petty” onboard ship, especially not theft from the laundry.

Meanwhile the James Clark Ross biosciences cruise has been plundering the Southern Ocean.

1. Force 9

Most of the cruise was spent fishing to the South West of South Georgia, moving up towards Shag Rocks. Fin Whales, the second largest mammals on Earth were spotted on several occasions. Blue Whales have also been sighted in this area, but we did not see any.


2. A Fin Whale

After catching three krill, two small jelly-like objects and a fish, the crew and scientists unwound with a quiz and some karaoke.

3. The “B.G.s” tribute band


4. Can we still defend cloning?


5. Chaka Demus & Pliers…the early years

The James Clark Ross then called at Stanley, to pick up cargo to take to Rothera.

6. The Globe Tavern, Stanley.


7. If it doesn’t have a penguin on it, we don’t sell it


8. The Cathedral and whalebone statue.


9. A member of the “Stanley Chippendales”

Jo and Dougal took the rescue boat out in the harbour.

11. I hope they are strapped in…

We were delighted to have Professor Patrick Holligan onboard for the cruise to Rothera. Patrick was making his last cruise on the James Clark Ross, and there is clearly great fondness and respect for him felt by the crew

11. Patrick


We then collected Liz Homer and Peter Fretwell from The Fildes Peninsula, they had spent some time in the Chinese “Great Wall” base, then slept rough for three weeks.

12. Big Issue sir?


The following day we sailed through the Lemaire Channel, then were lucky enough to visit the Vernadsky Ukrainian research station. We were given a genuinely warm welcome.

13. Cape Renard


14. Lemaire Channel


15. Leaving Vernadsky

The gentleman on the left is the grandson of Anton Lukich Omelchenko, a groom on Captain Scott’s last expedition.

Next stop the Rothera Ski Resort…