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May 20 - Crew Change

Position Report for 1300UTC,  Sunday 20th May 2007:

Latitude:   22 03.6 S
Longitude:  35 55.9 W
Bearing:  184 °T, 839 Nm from Recife
Course Made Good  027 °T
Destination :  Madeira
ETA at 11.6 knots is  08:00 on 02 June 2007
Distance Travelled:  299.0
Total Distance Travelled:  1482.0
Steam Time:  23.0
Total Steam Time:  107.4
Average Speed:  13.0
Total Average Speed:  13.8
Wind:  Direction SE, Force 5
Sea State:  Slight
Air Temp: 23.6 °C  Sea Temp: 25.4 °C
Pressure: 1018.1  Tendency: Rising

The RRS James Clark Ross arrived in Montevideo,  Uruguay,  on the afternoon of Monday 14th May 2007,  having completed her last science cruise in Antarctic waters. Waiting for her was Captain Burgan and his crew,  and later that afternoon a crew-change took place.

The RRS James Clark Ross passing the breakwater,  entering Montevideo Harbour.  Photo M.Gloistein

Montevideo is always a delight to visit,  with some excellent restaurants both in the city centre and also close to the dock gates.  The 'Meat Market' has always been popular with us and is a good meeting place.

The crew being serenaded whilst enjoying lunch at the Meat Market.  Photo M.Gloistein

Fresh provisions and stores were delivered on Tuesday morning and at 1800UTC, 15th May 2007,  the JCR departed Montevideo,  bound for the UK via Madeira.

First light on Friday saw the ship conducting the first of two mooring recoveries,  which had been deployed by the German ship Polarstern two years previously,  with the second mooring being recovered later in the day.

The JCR is due to arrive back in the UK in early June,  and will be going into Portsmouth for her annual refit on June 11th.

Mike Gloistein