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May 27 - Destination Madeira

Position Report for 1300UTC,  Sunday 27th May 2007:

Latitude:   08° 15.5 N
Longitude:  27° 55.5 W
Bearing:  197 °T, 547 Nm from Santo Antao, VERDES
Course Made Good  014 °T
 Destination :  Madeira
 ETA at 11.5 knots is  08:00 on 02 June 2007
Distance Travelled:  265
Total Distance Travelled:  3368
Steam Time:  23.0
Total Steam Time:  270.9
Average Speed:  11.5
Total Average Speed:  12.4
Wind:  Direction NE, Force 5
Sea State:  Moderate
Air Temp: 26.1 °C  Sea Temp: 27.9 °C
Pressure: 1013.9  Tendency: Rising

The past week has seen the ship continue on her steady passage northwards towards the UK,  via Madeira.

Preparations are being made for the refit period,  and maintenance work that can be carried out whilst we are at sea and not undertaking any science work is being done.  The tropics tend to be an ideal area for the sailors favourite pastime,  chipping and painting.  As all Captains say,  the worst thing that can be done to a ship is to place it in salt water!  The resulting corrosion is something that needs constant attention,  hence the chipping off the old paint and rust,  and applying a new coat of paint.

This task has been slightly hampered by the tropical weather,  as we have experienced some torrential tropical downpours and whilst everything dries quickly,  rain and wet paint don't mix!

On the afternoon of Friday 25th May the JCR crossed the Equator.  Alas King Neptune did not visit,  but a barbecue was held in the evening and we  also had to dodge a rain shower for that.

On Saturday a lifeboat drill was held and this was followed by a demonstration and talk on the use of liferafts,  using an old liferaft that we have onboard for such occasions.    Once again as everyone was out on deck (leaving the Captain on the Bridge navigating the ship) the heavens decided to open and give us a soaking.

Lifejackets on,  ready to enter the liferaft.  Photo Uta Neumann.

The liferaft inflating.  Photo Uta Neumann.

  The liferaft sitting in the rain!  Photo Uta Neumann.


Mike Gloistein