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More Fabrication

Fabrication is continuing at a furious pace, with many recognisable parts of the new station starting to come off the production line. Various specialist contractors are involved, each with their own key roles and responsibilities that must fit into the project as a whole.

The Mechanical and Electrical Services construction continues with the detailed design and supply of the energy modules, the most complex technical element of Halley VI.

Energy Module Schematic
A CAD drawing of the mechanical and electrical services in one of the energy modules.

Before any actual module service fabrication can take place, the whole module is modelled in 3D by Merit Merrell, (our M&E supply subcontractor) using Faber Maunsell CAD construction drawings. This is the ensure that none of the services clash, while also checking and adjusting the layout design to give the most efficient use of space.
Once a system is built up and checked, each specialist service manufacturer can accurately build their systems in component form ready for shipping.
The Merit Merrell 3D model shown is an overview of all the services in energy module E1.

Generators during testing
Supervising the generator tests. The grey pipe network above the cells is the exhaust heat recovery system.

Four Westac Power generator units that have recently been built and tested. The units have been designed in a combined heat and power configuration, where the generator engine provides power and also makes use of the waste heat to warm the buildings. Testing is carried out using the same fuel and coolant used in the Antarctic, in order to determine the actual power output and heat recovery. The engine cooling circuits are the primary heating source for Halley VI, and Faber Maunsell were in attendance to confirm that the engine heat recovery profile matches heating design model.

The steelwork and external envelope of the building is being constructed in South Africa by a Consortium called Antarctic Marine & Climate Centre (AM&CC). This consists of Design Coordination and Project Management by Outsite, Structural Steelwork by Petrel Engineering Ltd and Cladding and Glazing by MMS Technologies.

Working on the cladding panels A finished cladding panel
Making the moulds for the exterior cladding panels. The moulds are filled with resin to create the Glass Reinforced Plastic (GRP) panels. A finished cladding panel for the underside of one of the standard modules..
Steelwork The steel space-frame
Construction of the steelwork that will form the upper framework of the modules. Part of the steel space-frame that forms the base of the modules. These are be mounted on skis and towed to base during relief.

In order to provide enough fresh water for the construction workers who will be on site during the building of Halley VI, one of the Halley VI water melting tanks will be commissioned this year. Merit Merrell is doing the melt tank design and fabrication work.

Schematic of melt tanks
The setup of the new melt tanks and the link bridge that will connect the two sides of the base at Halley VI.

In order to speed up construction on site, many of the rooms will be constructed as fully furnished pods in the UK and then just slotted into place on site. Bathroom, bedroom and plant room pods are already under construction by Servacomm Redhall Ltd. The photos below show pod detail from a recent site visit to the supplier’s works.

Pod from the outside Plantroom Pod
A bathroom pod from the outside. A plant room pod before fit out.
Bedroom pod Bathroom pod
Inside a bedroom pod. Inside a bathroom pod.

As previously described the Hydraulics for the platform legs are beginning to come off the production line. Titan Engineering are carrying out the hydraulic design and construction.

Other subcontractors involved in the project include Joyce and Reddington (Joinery), Framework CDM (Floor Cassettes), Trelleborg Woodville (Module connections), Marioff Ltd (Fire suppression), TAC (Building Management System), Gertsen & Olufsen (Sewage Treatment Works) and TSC (Masts and towers).

Floor cassette M & E cassette
A wooden floor cassette showing the area of a standard module. Mechanical and electrical pipe work for each module is also pre-fabricated in sections so it can be dropped in place on site.
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