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09/10 Season - Halley Relief

While the modules were being dug out and towed at Halley, all of the cladding panels and materials required to finish the build were being consolidated at the Cape Towndocks and loaded on to a large freighter the MV Igarka.Cargo for Igarka
Cargo consolidation in Capetown

In preparation for the Igarka’s arrival and our own BAS ship the RRS Ernest Shackleton, which had food, fuel and passengers on board, we found a creek with some suitable sea-ice in it, prepared a ramp and prepared and edge.

Creek from twin Otter aircraft
Relief creek viewed from a Twin Otter Aircraft

When each shipped arrived it was an all out effort to get them unloaded and keep the construction site going. At the finish we had completed in excess of 400 sledge rotations just emptying the Igarka and created over 4km of stores lines for the construction site.

unloading the ship
Unloading panels from the Igarka - photo Susanna Gaynor

Cargo unloading Cargo moveing
Moving cargo away from the ship - Susanna Gaynor
Moving cargo across the seaice - Susanna Gaynor

Through all this the local penguin population would look on with bemusement. We would often get a gang of teenage penguins, in various states of moult, waddle over and hang around the mooring lines watching us and mess about with the lines and dead-men anchors (just like teenagers the world over).Penguin watching the action
Young penguin watching the action

Both ships
RSS Shackleton with the MV Igarka behind

The way from ship to station
The route from the ship to Halley Station from the cab of a John Deere tractor

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