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09/10 Season Construction

The aim of this season was to get all of the blue modules clad as well as constructing and cladding the red module. This was no small feat for the construction  team to achieve considering we were at the mercy of the weather. The sequence for cladding the blue modules was to start in the middle underneath and work outwards and upwards. First the underbelly panels were fitted followed by the leg sections. The underbelly nose cones and walls were then installed followed by the roof supported on the walls. Finally the two huge nose cone panels would be fixed into place. This sequence was repeated on all seven blue modules often with two modules being worked on at once and taking about two weeks per module to complete.

First Panels Nose Panels
Fitting the first panels to a blue module Fitting the nose panels - photo S.Gill

The construction team had to start from scratch with the construction of the red module. The undercroft was delivered in eight prefabricated steel sections. Each had to be pieced together off the ground, keeping them flat and level whilst the hydraulic legs and skis were fitted. The next stage was to build the two storey steel frame fitting the first storey and second storey structural floor panels as they went. Once the frame was complete the cladding could begin. The process was similar to the blue modules starting in the centre underneath working outwards and upwards. The main difference was it was much larger and there were four big window lifts, the two main windows at the front and the two cockpit windows at the sides. Amazingly the module was constructed and weather tight in only seven weeks.

Starting the red module Half way
Fitting the first panels to the red module Wall panels fitted to the red module

Fitting the window panel
Fitting the large window panel to the red module

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