Vehicle Testing and Loading

October saw the finishing touches being made to the vehicle fleet that will be used at Halley to transfer all the building materials from the ship to the construction site. Two John Deere tractors were fitted with special track systems to allow them to cope with the conditions at Halley. Two Challenger bulldozers were also tested and fitted with pre-heating systems that will allow them to work down to low temperatures. After being put through their paces by Martin they were loaded onto trucks and drove to the docks at Immingham. They were then transferred onto the RRS Ernest Shackleton for their long journey to the Antarctic. They will arrive on site just before Christmas, at which point they will immediately go into service supporting the Halley relief operation.

John Deere Tractor Challenger Bulldozer
Left: Martin trying out the new track based John Deere tractors. Right: A Challenger tractor.
Posted by Simon in Vehicles on October 15th, 2006