Science Pack Up

The Science team have been extremely busy over the last few months packing up a lot of the science equipment in preparation for the arrival of the ship. To make room for the construction team and their supplies some of the science that has been happening at Halley must be interrupted for the duration of the build.

The geologger lab before and after Electronics lab before and after
The geologger lab, before and after it is converted into a conference room. One of our electronics labs had to be merged with another one to make space for the construction team.

Some of the experiments will be run at other locations before returning to refurbished facilities in two years time. Other experiments will be returned to Cambridge for upgrades and development work, while our most critical long term monitoring will continue at Halley throughout the construction project. This has meant a certain amount of relocation, with all our remaining experiments being crammed into a lot less space. Continuing experiments include Dobson Ozone measurements, the Search Coil Magnetometer, Ground ozone measurements, Bomem optical studies, Very Low Frequency radio studies, meteorology, daily weather balloon launches, air and snow sampling and more.

Ongoing science Boxes in a container
Ongoing science in the Dobson room and the new meteorology office. Boxes start to fill one of the outgoing shipping containers.

Since packing back in September, the science team have packaged and consigned approximately 6000kg of cargo in over 100 boxes. With the end now near I suspect none of them will miss the sight of bubble wrap or packing tape for some time!

An empty office Empty shelves ready to be filled
The Simpson Office is emptied to make room for supplies that need to be kept warm. Empty shelves ready to receive cargo during relief.
Posted by Simon in Science, Construction on December 21st, 2007