After Winter 2009

After their second winter the clad module and tented modules were left in large wind scoops. The scoops around the tents were over 3m deep in places with even bigger wind tails of snow accumulated behind. The landscape around Halley station was no longer flat! It is planned to jack each module up every year to keep them above the surface and out of the wind scoops, although computer modelling and a 1:50 scale model test in the 06/07 season suggested that the station could survive two years if necessary as the aerodynamics of the station would prevent it from burying. The scoop around the clad module, which has remained static for two winters, has validated the testing. In the final layout all the modules will be orientated long-side on to the prevailing wind to keep the size of the wind scoops and wind tails to a minimum. Even though the blue module was left nose-on to the wind the shape of the scoop indicates how the aerodynamics of the module have worked especially when compared with the tents.

Module in Scoop Tent in scoop
Blue module in its wind scoop Tented module in its wind scoop
Posted by Mike in Construction on December 1st, 2009