11/12 Season – Completion

This was another long and busy season, but it was a landmark season. The aim was to get all the generators running and get the modules warmed up after the winter deep freeze. Then finish off all the internals of the modules and commission all the building services so that we had a habitable station for winter 2012. In addition we also had to install all the science equipment and experiments and have them commissioned ready for winter.

It was a struggle at first to get the generators up and running, which delayed the programme. So there were a few tense weeks in the middle of the season before the decision could be made that it was safe to strip out and close down Halley V and winter in Halley VI. Once that decision was made at the end of January we all went in to over drive; the comms equipment, surgery and science equipment were moved from Halley V and installed in Halley VI, each module was completed so the BAS staff could move in and fit out with their equipment and the first wintering team had to be trained to look after their new station. Thankfully all the works were completed and the station became operational on 28th Feb 2012.

Halley VI – 1st March 2012 Halley VI – 1st March 2012

Typical Bedroom Typical Bedroom

Lounge / Bar Area Lounge / Bar Area

Upper Observation Deck Upper Observation Deck

Top of the Spiral Stair Case Top of the Spiral Stair Case

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