End of Project

Proud Project Manager - Karl Tuplin Proud Project Manager - Karl Tuplin

With the official launch completed on the 5th Feb and the project ceasing on the 31st March this will be the last entry on to the website.

It only remains for me, the Project Manager, to thank all of the hundreds of people that have made this amazing project the success that it has been. To thank the guys like “The Len”, “Pompey” and “Ash” who come back season after season because they just love working in this fantastic place. To thank some of the key managers who have been with the project from start to finish; John Hammerton and Peter Willmott from Morrison Falkland Limited (the main contractor), Peter Ayres and Michael Wright from AECOM (the engineers) and Hugh Broughton from Hugh Broughton Architects. And a very special thanks must go to the BAS in-house team of Paul Cousens, Steve Canham, Michael Rose, Martin Bell, Ben Norrish, Caroline Lewis and Lynne Slater without whose dedication and perseverance this project would not have been possible.

If you want to keep up to date with Halley VI and the staff who live and work there follow the links back to the main BAS web site and web cams.

Karl Tuplin
Halley VI Project Manager

Posted by Mike in Uncategorized on February 5th, 2013