The Removal of Halley V

As a member of the Antarctic treaty BAS must follow strict environmental protocols for the removal of Halley V. During the construction of Halley VI BAS began the process of decommissioning and demolishing the Halley V site. Now Halley VI is fully operational all remaining surface structures at the Halley V site will be demolished and the waste removed from Antarctica. All the electrical wiring, pipework, fuel tanks and flooring from the tunnel system will be removed, leaving just the steel tubing and any other items which are too large to remove via the access shafts. By the end of the project there will be no visible signs of the Halley V site, except for the undulations in the snow level.

Waste being transported from base to the ship for disposal outside Antarctica.

The waste from the construction and demolition will be processed on site to minimise the volume. It will be removed from Antarctica by ship and where practical it will then be recycled.