Inside the Station

The first two modules contain bedrooms and washing facilities as well as a quiet lounge with panoramic views to the north. Next to them is the command module which contains the main entrance and bootroom, communications room, surgery and base commander’s office. This is connected to the main module which is split into two levels. Downstairs there is a lounge area, dining room, kitchen and food stores. Upstairs contains a gym, TV room, conference area and computer access.

A typical bedroom. The conference table in the central module.
The living and dining areas of the central module. Open plan offices in the science module.

The next two modules are known as the energy modules, which contain all the services required to keep the base running throughout the Antarctic winter. As well as diesel generators, they house the sewage treatment, water and fuel storage tanks, waste management and fire suppression systems. Each of the energy modules is capable of generating enough power to run the station without the other, providing a level of redundancy. Between the two energy modules is an open air walkway for running cables between the two sides of the station. In the centre of the walkway are two snow melting tanks which provide the station’s fresh water.

Side view of one of the sleeping modules.

Beyond the energy modules are the two science modules, which contain offices, workshops and laboratories for the scientists who maintain the many experiments that run at Halley throughout the antarctic winter. The first science module has decking on the roof to mount scientific experiments and antenna, while the second science module has an upper floor with panoramic windows offering an un-obscured view for meteorological observations.

Sun Path Models were used to determine the optimum location for solar thermal panels. Computer fluid dynamic analysis of heat flow in the central module.

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