Other Structures

Near to the main platform there are a number of external structures. The Drewry building and garage from Halley V were towed to the new site to provide additional summer accommodation, workshop space and storage. There is also a raised waste management platform for processing and packaging waste before it is removed from the base. Towards the science areas there are a number of staging cabooses (huts raised on legs above the snow) which contain science experiments that are sensitive to noise from the base.

The planned layout of the modules and some of the external buildings.

At the extreme south end of the base is the Clean Air Sector laboratory, a platform dedicated to sensitive air and snow chemistry experiments.

Aerial view of Halley V, showing the number of external structures (and the wind tails they create) and the rest of the Brunt Ice Shelf.

Other structures include the bulk fuel tanks, emergency food containers and the skiway.

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