Halley VI Comprehensive Environmental Evaluation

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Final Comprehensive Environmental Evaluation - Proposed Construction and Operation of Halley VI Research Station, and Demolition and Removal of Halley V Research Station, Brunt Ice Shelf, Antarctica

A draft Comprehensive Environmental Evaluation (CEE) for the proposed construction and operation of Halley VI was presented to the Committee for Environmental Protection (CEP) at ATCM XXVIII in Stockholm, 2005.

The Committee concluded that the draft CEE conformed to the requirements of Article 3 of Annex 1 to the Environmental Protocol, that it was well structured and provided an appropriate assessment of the impacts of the proposed project. Due to the novel approach taken by BAS (which included a design competition, the outcome of which was not known at the time of the ATCM) the UK offered to make the Final CEE available to the members of the CEP for further comment via the BAS website.

The draft CEE has been revised and updated. The final design from Faber Maunsell and Hugh Broughton Architects is described together with details of the proposed construction of Halley VI. A new section on the demolition and removal of Halley V has been added. The comments received on the draft CEE from the USA, Germany, New Zealand, and Japan have been addressed in the Final CEE.

For further information, please contact:

Rachel Clarke
Senior Environmental Manager
British Antarctic Survey
High Cross
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