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Location: Fossil Bluff - Virtual Trip to Antarctica

Location: Fossil Bluff Hut

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Fossil Bluff - Click to enlargeAbout 90 minutes flying time from Rothera lies Fossil Bluff, a forward facility for refuelling aircraft during the Antarctic summer season between October and March. You land on a snow/ice runway 1200 m in length approximately 1 mile away from the hut. Rows of drums mark the runway and contain fuel for refuelling the aircraft. Ski-doos are used to travel between the hut and the airstrip.

Inside the hut at Fossil Bluff - Click to enlargeThe hut itself can house four people in comfort and forms a transit station for summer field parties. During busy periods extra people can be accommodated in outbuildings. There is an Aga cooker, a radio for communication with Rothera, a generator and a homemade shower. The hut is virtually unchanged internally since the station was staffed year round in the 1970s - a real time warp into the historic era!

During bad weather, people can become marooned at the Bluff, and many people learn to bake bread for the first time in the Aga. For recreation, you have the choice to take a walk to the local glacier or perhaps ascend the peaks behind the station.