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Location: How to travel - Virtual Trip to Antarctica

Location: British Antarctic Survey, Cambridge, UK

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RRS James Clark Ross

On this tour you may travel with MOD scheduled flight from RAF Brize Norton in Oxfordshire, or travel by commercial air to join one of the BAS ships, RRS James Clark Ross or RRS Ernest Shackleton.

If you are flying with the MOD, the flight will go via Ascension Island, before moving on to the Falkland Islands. This journey takes around 20 hours. Occasionally, if the weather is poor in or en route to the Falkland Islands, you may get a stopover at Ascension Island.

I'm flying with the MOD! - Next stop: Ascension Island, South Atlantic

Those travelling by commercial air from the UK will transit via Santiago in Chile and then onwards to Punta Arenas or the Falkland Islands depending on the itinerary arranged by BAS.