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Alan Meredith - BAS Chief Pilot

Chief Pilot Alan Meredith
Chief Pilot Alan Meredith
Name: Alan Meredith

Job title: BAS Chief Pilot

Role in AGAP: I will be flying a Twin Otter aircraft supporting the main survey operation. This entails flying the aircraft from the BAS main research station at Rothera to the Australian Base at Davis. From there our job will be to set up the main field camp where one of the survey Twin Otters will operate from. To do this we will need to set up an intermediate base in the Grove Mountains. Once this base is set up we can move on to the field camp at AGAP North. We will fly in tents, food, camping equipment, skiway grooming equipment and basically everything the camp needs except for fuel. The fuel will be air-dropped by American C17 aircraft. Additional help in setting the camp will be supplied by the German Basler DC3T aircraft. Once the camp is set up I will fly via AGAP South to the US station at South Pole to bring the survey aircraft support personnel over to AGAP N. On completion I will return to Rothera via South Pole and service a number of BAS survey instruments on the way.

Looking forward to: Chance to work with other nations and see how they operate. This will, without doubt, be the most challenging project I have worked on with BAS from both a logistics and operational viewpoint. Should be interesting.

Previous Antarctic experience: This will be my sixth season.