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Carl Robinson - Airborne Survey Engineer

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Name: Carl Robinson

Job title: Airborne Survey Engineer

Role in AGAP Project: I will install the survey equipment into the aircraft — this includes ice penetrating radar, magnetics and gravity systems. In McMurdo, test flights will be flown so we can check and optimise the systems for the season. We shall deploy to the field via South Pole for acclimatisation after we will operate out of AGAP North. For a period of a month and a half I will help operate the science equipment as the aircraft flies over the Dome-A areas. I will be responsible for keeping the equipment serviceable and carry out repairs with my limited selection of parts carefully packed at Cambridge.

Engineer Carl Robinson
Engineer Carl Robinson

Looking forward to: A chance to challenge myself to the extreme and be part of something big in a never before undertaken endeavour in the pursuit of world-class science with our international team mates.

Previous Antarctic experience:
2005–2006: WISE ISODYN (aka "The Italian Job") BAS’ largest ever aerogeophysical survey covering over 60,000km of survey lines in East Antarctica over the Wilkes Land subglacial basin. This was a joint BAS Italian project where BAS provided the survey expertise and the Italians the logistics. This survey was flown over 3 months with 2 of these months spent on the plateau at Talos Dome and C3 (“Sitry”), the rest was spent at Mario Zucchelli Station and Dome C.

2006–2007: GRADES IMAGE my first visit to the British Antarctic territory; this was a survey next to the Ellsworth Mountains mostly flown out of BAS’ RABID field camp. This was a season of contrasts to the previous season with Italian cuisine replace with food ration boxes and large heated Weather Havens with Scott tents, but the science was just as important.