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Catrin Thomas - Field Assistant (Polar Guide)

Field GA Catrin Thomas
Field GA Catrin Thomas
Name: Catrin Thomas

Job title: Field Assistant (Polar Guide)

Role in AGAP: The main role of a field assistant is to support scientists in often hostile environments ensuring that they can do their work safely, efficiently, and as comfortably as possible. For AGAP, this will involve setting up camp, establishing a skiway for aircraft, depoting fuel, refuelling planes, and most important, making sure camp staff (science and support teams) are well fed and regularly plied with cups of tea! It’s the best job in the world as it gets you to work in some of the most remote parts of the globe with a bunch of diverse and very interesting people.

Looking forward to: Please to be having a spell on the other side of the continent having only worked on the British side.

Previous Antarctic experience: This is the 8th visit — 6th season with BAS. Previous work includes two geology projects on the peninsula; 2 King penguin projects on South Georgia; brief spell on Mount Vinson, and countless days at Sky Blue maintaining a blue ice runway and fuel depot.